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How a loan officer and social worker uses PosterMyWall to promote her events

Kristina Young is a Senior Loan Officer who is also actively involved in Community Service. Read on to learn about the quick, affordable and engaging promotions she creates for her events with PosterMyWall.

Kristina Young is a loan officer with a passion for charity work.  From promoting events within her realtor network, to charity fundraisers, she credits PosterMyWall with being an absolute lifesaver in energizing her marketing efforts. Kristina was introduced to PosterMyWall by a friend’s husband, a pastor, who is an avid user of PosterMyWall for promoting sermons and conferences.  Kristina confesses to not being very tech savvy and believes that PosterMyWall has been essential in helping her achieve both her personal and professional goals.

As a loan officer, it is critical to host timely, engaging events to outpace the increasingly intense competition.  This means Kristina is constantly marketing to ensure her competitive advantage and successfully close deals. Kristina used PosterMyWall to bolster the turnout at her open houses by creating captivating, professional flyers.  With time being money for Kristina, she took advantage of PosterMyWall’s professionally designed templates to produce great content in no time. Not only was she able to create stunning flyers and other promotional materials, but by simply browsing Real Estate templates she discovered fresh marketing ideas to use in her promotions. PosterMyWall enabled Kristina to easily achieve first mover’s advantage and stay on top of her game.

“PosterMyWall is an easy way to create professional looking posters and flyers for open houses.  I even made a couple of large banners to promote a new development! They came in less than a week!” – Kristina

Here are some of the templates Kristina has created to promote her Open Houses and other Real Estate events:

Kristina also works with the Community Outreach Committee on the Seacoast Board of Realtors.  Serving on the Community Outreach Committee gives Kristina a way to use her skills to give back to the community and make a meaningful difference in the lives of others.  One of the key responsibilities of the committee is to choose a charity to work with, which includes providing financial assistance through their Scholarship Fund. This year, Kristina is excited to work with, “New Generation – A Homeless Shelter for Women and Children.”  New Generation provides shelter and guidance for pregnant and parenting homeless women and their children.  Kristina is using her marketing skills to help New Generation promote its mission and fundraisers.  Not unlike the competition she faces as a loan officer, the enormous number of organizations vying for the same charitable dollars means tough competition for New Generation.  Kristina relies on PosterMyWall to build spectacular, professional, and compelling marketing material to attract donors to fundraising events and opportunities.  The more donors she attracts, the more donor patronage New Generation wins.  Kristina is ecstatic to be able to help New Generation fulfill its mission to help homeless families.

Take a look at some of the posters Kristina has created for her fundraisers, using PosterMyWall:

For Kristina, it’s not enough to be successful in her professional life. Success for her includes using her skills to effectively help those in need.  As a result, Kristina is always on the hunt for marketing innovations that will help her effectively, quickly and affordably promote her business and charity work.  Without question, PosterMyWall is Kristina’s go to marketing tool in her personal and professional life.

“As a loan officer I am constantly promoting events with my realtor network.  Not being that computer savvy and finding Adobe way to complicated to work with stumbling onto PosterMyWall has been a lifesaver!  I have created so many flyers for myself, the charities I am involved with and my office. Thank you PosterMyWall!”

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