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How a hairstylist used PosterMyWall to rebrand her salon

Read on to learn how Mariam Davis – CEO Hair by Ms Mari established her brand’s identity with PosterMyWall.

Mariam Davis is in the business of beauty, and the CEO of her company, CEO Hair by MsMari.  As a hairstylist and extension expert, Ms Mari offers the highest quality human hair extensions on the market.  She applies her in-depth knowledge in skillfully preparing each extension to be durable, beautiful and appropriate for a variety of styles.

But the competition is fierce in the beauty space and even if you are a talented stylist with a driven, entrepreneurial spirit, it can literally be, hair today, gone tomorrow!  Fortunately, that’s not the case for Ms Mari.  She is crushing the competition with her proclaimed “secret weapon,” PosterMyWall.

“PosterMyWall has been my secret weapon in staying ahead of curve by creating exciting, creative flyers to promote my business.”

Ms Mari launched her website and online business in 2018 with the immediate goal of re-branding from her existing brick and mortar salon.  She envisioned a new, “cutting edge, fierce image,” that would build her competitive presence online.

But as Ms Mari discovered, re-branding is no easy task and extremely time consuming.  It is a marketing challenge that requires tremendous planning, research and analysis of how to connect with the target clientele.

Her re-branding effort also required keen attention to the development of her marketing materials.  She had to get it right the first time. But she quickly found herself paying graphic designers as much as $40 per promotional flyer.  Ms Mari had to find a new way to effectively market her brand to an online audience in a competitive space, without breaking her budget.

“I knew I had to come up with a new strategy to stay within my marketing budget. That’s when I googled professional flyer design templates, and I was introduced to, PosterMyWall.”

Ms Mari uses PosterMyWall to create online salon flyers, salon posters, barber flyers, beauty salon flyers and promotional ads that are instrumental in attracting new customers, a must in building her business.  By easily creating high quality, professional advertisements she also elevated her business profile to a more prestigious level. Ms Mari credits PosterMyWall’s templates in helping her achieve both important goals, all while allowing her to retain creative control of her branding.

“What I love most about PosterMyWall are the prices and beautiful templates and videos!!  For the price you’re able to create any idea that comes to mind all at a very low price compared to paying graphic designers. You have real creative control and you’re able to make revisions at up to 3 times!”

The reaction of Ms Mari’s clients as well as competitors proves that she is achieving her professional goal of being an influential brand leader and stylist in her local and online communities.

“My flyers and videos were amazing!!! All of my clients loved them on Facebook and Instagram.  My competitors were even copying my new brand image, but they couldn’t keep up with my secret weapon, my professional flyers and artwork.”

Check out some of the designs created by Mariam Davis for her start-up CEOHair by MS Mari:

Ms Mari’s use of PosterMyWall as a secret weapon does not end there!  Like any serial entrepreneur, she continues to build on her brand and diversify her offerings.  She’s now going to offer flyer-making services to other businesses! Her advice to others looking to promote their start-ups rings true:

“Great things take TIME.  Don’t rush the process, trust the process, and eventually everything will fall into place.”

As a start-up, it is crucial to create a distinct brand identity, which is often challenging as it requires both time and money, which are often in short supply when you’re small or in start up mode. So, how can you create impactful promotional materials to shape market’s perception of your brand in an efficient and affordable manner? The answer is simple. By making PosterMyWall your own “secret weapon” to create engaging flyers, graphics, and social media posts your audience won’t forget (and your competition wish they could).