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How influencers in the entertainment industry use PosterMyWall to promote their events

Read on to learn how an event organizer, professional entertainer and a DJ promote their events in minutes only with PosterMyWall.

You may be one of the most talented musical artists around, but success will be hard to come by if no one hears you. Being great at your musical craft won’t be enough if you’re not getting the word out about yourself.  But you don’t have the time or the skills to design album covers, gig announcements, concert posters, video teasers or more, to entice your audience.

Not to worry – PosterMyWall has you covered! With PosterMyWall, you can create stunning visuals to promote your band or events in just minutes. Hard to believe?  Read the following stories of event managers, bands and music artists who use PosterMyWall for their promotions.

Cam Music:

Joe Wisniewski is a professional entertainer and event organizer. He organizes gigs, karaoke nights, music lessons and numerous other events at a variety of local entertainment venues.

He knows that effective marketing is crucial for his and his client’s success. One failed event can bring his reputation down and hurt his clientele. But this high stakes marketing was eating up all of his time, leaving him little room to actually manage the events.

Joe started looking for alternatives that would help him save time without compromising on the marketing content and quality. He didn’t know if any such tools existed, but his efforts paid off when he came across PosterMyWall.

“When promoting gigs and other events, I’d spend hours putting together posters, flyers and other Facebook ads. PosterMyWall has a template for everything I need –  gigs, karaoke, themed disco’s, Oktoberfests, music lessons, you name it!”

Joe works extremely hard on both online and offline marketing – creating posters, flyers, social media ads, basically anything and everything that will spread the word about his events. The templates on PosterMyWall not only provide Joe with exciting new marketing ideas, but they are also incredibly easy to customize.

“Now I can produce professional posters, choose from heaps of style and customize them to how I want them to look. I really enjoy adding my personal touches to the posters with easy-to-use tools and editing features available on PosterMyWall.”

Here’s a design Joe recently created to promote his Beach Party:

Copy of Copy of PARTY.jpg

In the flashy and fast-moving entertainment world, Joe’s marketing visuals must keep pace. He uses PosterMyWall to quickly create stunning promotional graphics to capture his target audiences and fill event venues.

“Regardless of the platform I use to promote my events, the number of views have increased massively in comparison to the DIY posters used in the past. Promotions that included video templates skyrocketed. It’s like the posters came to life and added a whole new level of visual and appealing experience. What an eye catching way to promote on Facebook and websites!”

The response to Joe’s marketing efforts using PosterMyWall has paid off BIG, not only in his continually increasing number of social media views, but also in the feedback he receives from booking agents, venue owners and the general public.

“I have had nothing less than amazing comments from venue owners and booking agents who think my graphics look spectacular. They truly get amazed by how good and professional the promo material is.”

Joe is an avid user of PosterMyWall and would recommend it to any musician, band, entertainer, karaoke host or DJ looking to promote themselves and their gigs.

“I found PosterMyWall by accident –  by far the best accident I’ve ever had! PosterMyWall is a no brainer for any musicians/bands/entertainers/DJs and karaoke hosts who are looking to promote themselves or their gigs.

Professional marketing material puts you miles ahead as far as public relations is concerned. If your advertising is appealing, you will achieve a much greater response and will lift your profile to the next level”


Pete is a DJ/KJ who performs at a variety of music and karaoke events throughout the week.  For each different event he must create new promotional material at his own expense. This marketing treadmill ate up valuable time Pete could be spending on his music and performances.  

Exasperated with this constant drain of time, Pete started looking for a marketing tool to help him create graphics conveniently and cost efficiently. This is when he came across PosterMyWall.

Pete was thrilled by the thousands of templates available for musicians to use in promoting themselves and their events. PosterMyWall has templates for everything from album covers to concert posters to karaoke nights.

Here are some posters Pete designed for a Super Bowl Party and Costume Party:

“PosterMyWall makes it easy, reasonable, and convenient to create professional, creative and interesting posters with all the formats, fonts, and templates they have available for EVEN non-professionals (in advertising and creativity) to create magnificent pieces which can be proudly displayed! It’s a joy to work in their website and very easy. I recommend it to everyone!”


Dolores is an entertainment business owner who has the exciting job of managing independent artists, musicians and bands.  A key component of her business is to produce marketing material that creates a buzz around her clients and increase their visibility. Dolores does so by actively posting marketing content on different social media platforms as well as in conventional offline marketing channels. Her job isn’t restricted to just building a hype around her clients, however.

She must also actively promote their concerts and events. Given the tremendous time and effort required to successfully promote her clients, it would have been impossible for Dolores to create exceptional marketing content for each unique artist.

PosterMyWall has enabled Dolores to create sensational marketing content for all her clients, while saving time and money for herself!

“I love using Poster My Wall! I use many of the products to advertise.  I was inept but I’ve been able to master marketing in an affordable way.”

Here are some popular PosterMyWall templates used by musicians and event managers all over the world to promote their events:

If you are an independent artist, entertainer, DJ or band looking to create hype for yourself and an audience for your events, consider trying out these awesome templates for album covers, concerts, karaoke flyers, music festival posters, DJ flyers and other music related events, or watch this video guide to learn how to promote your content.

Let us know what you think. Happy designing!