How your brand can help the Women’s Day cause

Balance and inclusivity are the needs of the hour. Read on to learn about incorporating both in your marketing campaign and office culture.

International Women’s Day is observed all over the world, and especially the US to celebrate women, and to bring to light issues they face today.

As a small business enterprise, you can make a difference by introducing a culture that promotes inclusivity. This can be done by trying new things with marketing as well as with updating your office culture.

These exercises can be crucial in the long run, as it shows a more humane side to brands, which is often overlooked for seemingly more straightforward marketing methods. We will look at some of the things, you as a voice for your brand, can do this Women’s Day.

Know the hashtag

Knowledge is power. Get yourself informed about the event you’re setting out to celebrate before diving into it. Get started by knowing Women’s Day 2019 theme, which is #BalanceforBetter.

Next, check the usage on Twitter, gauge your audience and see what resonates with your brand as well as the target audience. This is important, as bandwagoning a trend without understanding the occasion and the people involved may have serious repercussions.

Finding that sweet spot is essential for successful outreach, while remaining true to your audience.

Running an ad, or a promotional post can help, but that’s not the only way to gain leverage. A quote, or a little anecdote works just as well.


The hashtag for this movement changes every year in light of the most pressing and relevant issues of the time.

You can easily create eye-catching quote imagery based on the hashtag using the Instagram quote creator.

Highlight the change-makers

Women’s Day is the perfect moment to highlight the achievements of the women in your company. Share photos, with excerpts highlighting their achievements, their story, their aspirations as well as a little message for other women in her field.

This is important because it highlights a humane side of your brand. It tells the customer that this brand is not aloof as it seems, and it’s made of people just like them. Apart from that, it’s also a great sneak peak to your brand’s office culture, which will interest some customers and potential employees.

Celebrate Women’s Day at work

Simply posting quotes on social media does not bring social change. Actions greater than that are needed to inculcate a more inclusive office culture. Here are some things you can do at work:

  • Hold a seminar with keynote women speakers in your industry.
  • Share your business’ gender based statistics. These include employee ratio, customer ratio and similar data points.
  • Have a film screening or a lecture about women’s issues in the country, and globally.

Use this opportunity to advertise such an event (provided you make it open for public), via social media.

Creating advertisements for your Women’s Day event is easy. Just pick a poster, social media or video template from our Women’s day category, and start customizing.

Create a campaign with a story

Videos are special as they can weave an emotional story along with a strong message, greater than what is possible with a text post or even an infographic. ElaN did a short video in 2019 about the gender bias in languages all over the world that contributes to inequality, introducing their “unbias” translate button and calling on giants like Google Translate to do the same.

PosterMyWall also offers options to create your own video, quickly, with a message that will make a difference. Check out the templates below to start customizing:

Sale and donate

You can introduce a new product just in time for Women’s Day. Sell a limited quantity to create a feeling of rarity around it, and couple it with a promise to donate a percentage of the sales to a local women’s shelter or non-profit organization.

With your position as an influencer in your field, you can also go out of your way to rally support, and donations for your local non-profit organization.

Corporate social responsibility is highly respected, and will become a compelling reason for many to become your regular patrons.


To sum it up, here are some things we recommended you try for International Women’s Day:

  • Get yourself acquainted with the event’s norms. Know the hashtag #BalanceforBetter, and use only where relevant.
  • Highlight the exceptional women in your company, or even your industry, and tell their story on social media.
  • Hold a Women’s Day event at work, which can include a seminar, a documentary screening or interaction with keynote women in your industry.
  • Create a video with a strong message relevant to the challenges women face today.
  • Donate to your local women’s shelter or non-profit organization. Couple it with a sale, with proceeds going to these organizations.