New design ideas for promoting your Black History Month event

We’ve made a list of our favorite templates you’ll love, just in time for the upcoming Black History Month and Martin Luther King Day. See and try them out!

Advertisements aren’t all about promoting products. It can go beyond getting people to perform an action or make a purchase that’s best for your brand.

While few ads can claim to not promote consumerism, we have an exception in the form of ads that promote or celebrate a social movement. Black History Month is one such time where we are reminded of the sacrifices made by Martin Luther King Jr, Rosa Parks and countless men and women who worked throughout American history to bring social change.

With this in mind, we’ve been working to make organization of events for Black History Month a much easier task for everyone, and we’ve added new templates to help you with both Martin Luther King Day and Black History Month.

If you’re planning for the upcoming month, you’re right where you need to be. For your ease, we’ve picked out some of our favorite templates for posters, videos and Instagram below. If you like a template, clicking will take you directly to the design, where you can add your details, save and download.