Artist Corner

Artist Corner: Tina Ton

In this Artist Corner, we speak to our featured designer, Tina, about art, graphic design, and how she spends her typical day.

Meet our latest Artist Corner designer, Tina. Originally from New York, she’s currently enjoying herself in the sunny state of Florida. In less than 2 years (since Tina joined the PosterMyWall family), her designs have become wildly popular. Keep reading to learn more about Tina and her designing journey.

Becoming a Designer

As a child, I was always creative. I used to draw portraits and in high school, I even took art classes that involved painting and pottery. I was into fashion, a little bit of modeling and performing arts: hip hop dance and stepping. As a result of my love for art, I became a hair artist and have my own little salon with my amazing mother. I am also a freelancer – creating beautiful wedding styles for bridal parties, photo shoots, quinceañeras, music videos – and I’ve also done some production work as well. 

It’s funny because I’ve always wanted to have an online job, but I never found one that was a fit for me. However, the Lord definitely blessed me upon coming to this site when I was looking for a template for my salon. I discovered the design opportunity, and though I was skeptical at first, something inside of me told me to start publishing templates. With that being said, I am so thankful that I did! It’s been about almost 2 years, I absolutely love graphic designing! My inspiration comes from fellow PosterMyWall designers and Google. I honestly Google everything, which has taught me so much about graphic designing. 

Typical Day

I’m blessed that everyday is different. Some days I get to stay home all day in my pj’s, spend time with my son, create templates, cook, clean and relax. Other days, I drive all over the place due to work. But I love to spend my days with family, studying God’s Word and going on adventures. 


A Little More About Me

My favorite foods are fruits and veggies as I am an alkaline vegan. I like to cook my own meals, like quinoa burgers (which are my favorite), garbanzo soup, rice bowls and so much more. There’s such a huge variety in creativity going vegan, and it’s absolutely fun experimenting with different foods. I can honestly say going vegan has definitely improved me in so many ways! 

I can always watch A Cinderella Story (never gets old!), Step Up, Madea and anything starring The Rock!

One day, I’d love to travel to Japan, Bora Bora, Jamaica, Iceland, Bali, Europe and Australia. But if I could live anywhere, it would be on my own private property in a tropical place away from the distraction of the world.

If I could pick the ultimate superhero, hands down my favorite superhero is Jesus. Without knowing Him, I honestly don’t know where my life would be today. He saved my life. 

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