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How to create a retail banner that grabs attention

Looking to advertise your next big sale? Try a banner! Read on for inspiration and new ideas to make your sale standout.

Creating a banner to advertise your sale can be tricky business. It’s your first chance to get a large audience interested, especially customers who won’t find you via online promotions, but may notice a banner or flyer you’ve put up.

There’s an art to making a good banner, which is easy to grasp, and even easier to use if there’s a template for it. Here, we’ll highlight of the best retail banner templates you can find in PosterMyWall. Click on any template at the bottom of this post to start customizing right away.

When designing, here’s a couple of things you need to keep in mind:

Reds over Blues

Some colors stand out more than others. Reds, yellows and browns are considered warm colors and attract the eye more than the cooler colors. Blues, greens and purples are cool colors, and not preferred in advertisements. Black and white are neutral colors, and used in all kinds of designs.

That doesn’t give you license to spread warm colors all over your design! Instead, you can create a good balance by coupling neutral colors with warm colors.

Impactful typography

A great typeface can make the difference between success and failure, as a font that stands out attracts customers and sends the message effectively. Font placement, size and type can influence what your potential customers see first. This should include the flat discount you’re offering. Once the discount offer hooks them, they will look at the rest of the banner.

General layout

There are generally three kinds of layouts that are common in retail banners:

  • Simple layout – a solid background with a straightforward text overlay. Works great for a general sale.
  • Shapes and colorful vistas. These can be a good way to attract attention, though your product may not be obvious at the first glance.
  • A layout like the first, but with a photo or photos to showcase your products/venue. These can also include a model showcasing your brand’s products.

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Check out these small business banners below to find whichever suits your business. Remember to resize them to meet your requirements.

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