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Artist Corner: Shay Ducharme

Meet our artist corner designer, Shay Ducharme. His experience in rap music and management offers him a unique perspective in creating templates that look great and are practical.

Meet Shay Ducharme, our newest featured artist! From Lafayette, Louisiana, he’s a shipping manager by day, and a talented designer at PosterMyWall by night. Keep reading to learn more about Shay! 

Tell us about yourself and your work

I work as a shipping/receiving manager at an oil field company, and apart from that, I’m an artist in more ways than one. I’m a designer at PosterMyWall, but music is my first love, and it’s therapeutic too! 

I’ve been making rap songs and music since the age of 8, and my work is also available online. My artist name is Deuce Tre, and my latest rap album, Real Men Serve God, is available on all digital platforms. 

How did you begin designing at PosterMyWall? 

I had been using other templates on postermywall to make flyers for my personal projects for about a year before I became a designer. I initially had some reservations about my designs. But after publishing my first template, I learned how to use the editing tools to fit my needs, and used that as motivation to continue designing.

As a Christian and a rapper, I like to design flyer templates for concerts and Church events. I’ve found some great graphic design ideas online and use those designs as a starting point for my own designs. 

Any favorite designer? 

Before I joined PosterMyWall as a designer, I would often find myself using Myron Byod II’s templates for my own projects. He has some great templates for Church events and his designs in general are very clean and professional. 

Any designing and marketing tips for designers starting out? 

I advise new designers to keep practicing and learning new things because you will get better over time. I believe I have come a long way over the last couple of years since I became a Postermywall designer and you can too with persistent effort. 

I also promote my designs on Facebook and Instagram, and often use hashtags to improve visibility. I even have my own branded hashtag, #DeuceTreDesigns. 

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