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Artist Corner: Deryaba Templates

In this artist corner, we talk to Deryaba, a freelance graphic and web designer, about motivation and his take on “ugly” designs.

Deryaba joined PosterMyWall as a designer a year ago, and he already has an impressive catalogue of templates to show. Hailing from Moscow, we talked to him about his design experiences, daily routine and favorite heroes. Read on to learn more!

Tell us about yourself and your work

My designer name is Deryaba, but I’m also known as RussGFX. At the age of 10, my parents and I moved to Paris, France. Years later, I took my first step into the world of graphic design. It started off as a hobby, and for the first few years I didn’t make much of it. 

Soon after I started designing MySpace page layouts for famous beat makers and musicians, until MySpace went out of fashion. It was then that I found my niche, that is web and graphic design. 

What’s a typical day like?

My day begins with exercising outdoors. I love designing, but I also love sports and running, both of which help me keep a healthy balance between my desk work and staying physically active.

After exercising, I head home, take a shower, have breakfast, check my email and social media, and then I begin work. Working as a freelancer from home is an interesting experience, because you tend to be busy all the time, especially if you have the whole day planned out.

Working from home is tricky as you need to stay motivated to meet deadlines, as is the case for me. Design inspiration offers the best motivation. This comes to me when I browse designs online, go out or watch a movie at a cinema.

Speaking of inspiration, I’ve been making quality templates for PosterMyWall for a year, and I have new-found inspiration from the attention my templates are getting. Being able to create something that’s useful to others is the best kind of attention in my opinion.

Any designing and marketing tips for designers starting out?

To all new designers: Don’t be afraid to experiment with novel, different styles. Trends come and go, and your designs might just be the one that go into vogue next!

You shouldn’t be afraid to make conventionally ‘ugly’ designs, because ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’ holds true in the graphic design space. Look at what other designers are doing and use that to create something even better. There is nothing new in this world, everything has been copied, adapted and improved.

Tell us a little more about you!

As a child I’ve been a big fan of animated series of the 90’s, especially shows by Marvel, which is the biggest influence on my childhood. We didn’t have the internet, but we did have VHS tapes!

I still use that impression in my work and I take a lot of inspiration from movies and TV Series. My top 5 favorite movies are Donnie Darko, Taxi Driver, The Lord of the Rings, Braveheart and American Beauty.

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