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Making golf club marketing easy and effective: Buck Stine’s success story

Buck Stine grew up steeped in golf club culture. After getting his business degree, he learned he could use his skills to help golf clubs delight and engage with their customers. We think his use of PosterMyWall’s digital design and marketing tools are inspiring to people helping their business in any field.

Goal: Making new business development more streamlined.   

We first met Buck Stine when we asked our most active customers to share their insight and feedback about how they use our services. Buck Stine, President & Chief Marketer for DRIVE Golf Marketing, joined us on that call and shared with us his method of making multi-client marketing effective, engaging, and easy. His firm helps a fast-growing number of golf clubs in the central Florida area communicate with their members via visually engaging emails, printed materials, and over social media.

Buck grew up speaking the business of golf as a first language. His grandfather Charlie and uncle Tom are the founders of GolfWeek magazine and he feels very at home at the venues and events of this vibrant industry. But as a marketer, as they added new clubs to their roster of clients, he faced the challenge that many a marketer faces – the wide variety of organizational methods and ways to share information and marketing assets. (Note: We didn’t say disorganization.)

But the challenges of managing myriad google drive folders, drop boxes and the like was no one’s idea of efficiency. And while each client club had its own personality and brand voice, there was a lot of commonality in the kind of communication they had to do; promoting holiday events, tournaments, membership information, and the like.

Buck met a marketer using another design program like ours that was helping with the creation process; but as he did his research he found that in addition to the artistic elements, a creation program could add additional organizational and efficiency elements.

While I liked the design and art elements in the other program; when I saw that in PosterMyWall I could create folders and subfolders, to let people easily access, update and share needed elements like flyers and menus, I was impressed!

Here’s an example; the heart of a club is its restaurant; and in many the menus change almost daily. In addition to the daily changes, the chefs take it as a challenge to design menus for special occasions. Creating these updated menus used to take a lot of time, and invite a lot of opportunity for errors. But, having created the templates in PosterMyWall’s menu maker– where they find a lot of really excellent artwork from graphic designers around the world – making the updates based on past projects becomes quite simple. They are able to communicate with the club’s personnel over email, text, or the phone and find/update information with the latest details, dates, photos, etc.

‘Another feature that adds to my efficiency is the ability to take an asset like the menu, or a flyer, and easily configure it first, for with each client’s particulars like logos/times/dates and then, for other uses like social media or email.’

Goal: Having the right marketing tools for small business.

In addition to the email and in club flyer marketing described above, Buck also manages social media and digital advertising for his clients. And this is becoming increasingly important in helping the clubs find new members and new revenue streams. Clubs may highlight their offerings to people who may not be golfers, but who could be introduced to a facility during a life event like a wedding or some other sort of party. The ability to use the photo and video assets gathered into Buck’s folders allow him to use these in ads/newsfeed updates for the club that can be targeted to people new to the area or in search of a venue.

Buck and team use social media scheduling tools from the social media platforms as well as Hootsuite to simplify this process. PosterMyWall also has a social media scheduling feature for those that want to streamline their creation and distribution. Learn more about what PosterMyWall can do for you.

Using video in email marketing

The other thing the team at PosterMyWall noticed about Buck’s profile is his enthusiasm for new and exciting formats. PosterMyWall was the first in service of our kind to offer video as a format for social media and email marketing. And video is effective in capturing people’s attention and spurring people to action. (Don’t take our word for it!)

What I’ve really enjoyed doing lately is using the ability to use animation or video in our email marketing. The customers of our customers get a lot of emails from golf clubs – its a very full marketplace – so doing something that stands out is really helpful. And from our standpoint, finding and customizing the video templates for emails on PosterMyWall has been very easy. I work with a lot of vendors to do the best marketing I can, and I appreciate their wanting to let us do new things.

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What’s next for Buck and DRIVE golf marketing?

“We are really poised to grow, and add more clients to our roster. When clubs hear what we can do – essentially taking something that used to end up simply as a flyer posted around the club and expanding its impact by easily creating email and social marketing materials – they get excited. I attend a lot of golf events, such as the PGA shows, and as we pick each others brains I see a lot of enthusiasm for what we can do. I look forward to learning what new features a partner like PosterMyWall can provide to help me do more interesting and impactful marketing.”