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How to add a table in your designs with PosterMyWall

Make engaging schedules, price lists and activity charts in minutes. Get your message across easily with tables and organize all information in your designs.

How to add a table in your designs with PosterMyWall

Tables allow you to display information in your flyer in a methodical way. It’s great for making price lists, event schedules and other data entries. To create your own table, read on to learn more, or watch the above video.

Open a design in the PosterMyWall editor, and select ‘Layout’. 


Click the ‘Add Table’ button and you’ll see a dialog like so:  


You will notice a series of icons on the far-right column, each one with a specific function, described below: 

  • Star: It allows you to highlight a row. You can highlight multiple rows. Highlighted rows can have different colors.
  • Plus: Creates a copy of the row.
  • Trashcan: Deletes the row. 
  • Up arrow: Moves the selected row one row up. 
  • Down arrow: Moves the selected row one row down. 

The trash can icon allows you to remove a column, and the plus icon adds a column. 

Here’s an example of a table, inside the editing interface: 

And now here’s the same table in your design:

You can do a lot more with your table to make it look better.

Change Layout Styles

You can set the color and opacity of the background (or non-highlighted region) or use two other background types. You can also set borders and change their size and look.

Use the star button to highlight some columns, then select a different color for the highlighted column to create contrast in your table.


Backgrounds come in 3 types. These are:

  • Transparent
  • Color
  • Alternate.

See the examples below: 



You can set the colors and opacity of the background. 




Borders come in 2 styles, square and rounded. You can also choose to not add border, though borders are absent by default. Here’s an example of a table without a border. 



  • Horizontal Spacing changes the length of your table.
  • Vertical Spacing changes the width of your table.

Highlighted Items

Quick recap: Inside the table edit interface, clicking the star highlights the row. You can also set the color, opacity and text color for the highlighted rows. 


Text Styles


Set the font and size of your text through text styles. Fonts you set here will be applied to both highlighted and non-highlighted rows. 

And that’s everything you need to know to create your own tables in designs.