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How to add videos to your designs in PosterMyWall

Video marketing is becoming highly popular. Choose from thousands of HD professional and 4K stock clips to make engaging videos and promote effortlessly.

How to add videos to your designs in PosterMyWall

Video content is the bread and butter of any marketing campaign. However, videos are also pretty complex, and expensive if you start working with videographers. Even a simple promo can be hard if you lack the expertise to make one.

At PosterMyWall, we’ve tackled this problem and made video accessible to every marketer, regardless of expertise and budget. How? With the help of professionally designed video templates and an easy to use video editor.

If you’re looking to create your videos, read on to learn more, or watch the above video for a quick tutorial.

Add Videos

To get started, open your design in the editor and upload a video. Upload a personal video from your computer:

  • Click the ‘Media’ option in the left side menu.
  • Click ‘Add from My Videos’ or click the ‘Add Stock Video’ option to add a stock video.
  • Search for videos in the ‘search box’. 
  • After choosing your video, click ‘Add Video’, and the video appears on your design. 

Note: You can add up to 4 videos to your template from your device or stock graphics.

Customize Video Duration

After you’ve added your video, you can edit it using various effects. Simply:

  • Click the video and customize its duration. 
  • Click the clock icon beside the slider on the bottom left of your screen.
  • Select the ‘Use Custom Duration’ option. 
  • If you want it to remain the same, then click the default ‘Use Video Duration’ option.

Video editing tools

Find all video editing options under the ‘Edit’ tab in the right contextual menu when you’ve selected your video.

Opacity: To change the opacity of a video, use the ‘Opacity’ slider. 

Trim: To trim a video, trim the video using the ‘Trim’ option. This can be done by setting a start and end time for the video and clicking trim. 

Replace video: To replace a video, select your video and click the ‘Replace’ option to replace it with a stock video or your video.

Mute: To mute or unmute a video: 

  • Click the ‘Mute’ option on the right side to mute your audio.
  • Click ‘Unmute’ your video by clicking unmute.

Find all video positioning options under the ‘Position’ tab when you’ve selected your video

Lock video: To Lock the video in place, click the ‘Lock In Place’ button. The video gets fixed in place.

Flip: To Flip the video, click the ‘Flip’ options in the right contextual menu. The video can be flipped to any side using the horizontal and vertical flip options. 

Delete: To delete a video, click the ‘Delete’ button.

Duplicate: To copy a video, click the ‘Duplicate’ button.

Stretch: To stretch the video, click the ‘Stretch’ buttons. You can also stretch out the video vertically and horizontally using the vertical and horizontal Stretch button on the right contextual menu. You can also do this manually by stretching the video from its edges.


Alignment: To adjust video alignment, use the ‘Alignment’ button and pick one of the six alignments to place your video on the template. 

Special Effects

You can also add special effects to your videos using the effects under the ‘Edit’ tab in the right contextual menu.

Tint: To add a colored tint, click the ‘Tint’ option to give a particular color to the video.

Brightness: Use the Brightness slider to adjust your video’s brightness.  

Multiply: The ‘Multiply’ option adds a more robust color filter to your graphic. 

Audio: Click the ‘Add Audio’ option from media and add stock audio or personal audio. 

To remove select areas from your video: Select video and use the Mask option in the right contextual menu. The tool contains preset shapes to make the process much more comfortable.

Additional special effects include:

  • Borders
  • Glow
  • Shadow 

Experiment with these to see how well they work on your video.

Download Options

After creating the graphic that you like, you can download it using the download button on the top blue menu:

  • $14.95 for HD video,
  • $24.95 for 4K video.

Videos selected from Storyblocks and Pixabay are free; however, you’ll have to pay three credits for videos from GettyImages. If you frequently design videos, we recommend opting for the Premium Plus subscription, which allows you to get high resolution video downloads* for free.  

*does not apply to videos with stock graphics by GettyImages.