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Create custom holiday video cards

Holiday season is almost here and it’s time to create some beautiful holiday cards. Cherish the moments with your friends and family by using PosterMyWall to make custom cards in minutes.

PosterMyWall live class: Create custom holiday video cards

Imagine the smile on Grandma’s face when she opens her email or social media and finds a video card of her beloved grandchildren serenading her! Custom video cards are a great way to make your loved ones’ day. And the best part is that they’re super-fast and easy to make with PosterMyWall.

In this week’s class, Lisa Sinicki demonstrated how to create custom video cards using video you can shoot on your phone. She also shared how to add a personal audio greeting to a photo card.

Watch the replay above, or read the complete how-to below:

Create your own custom video card in 5 steps

Select a template

Search from free online ecard templates to find a design you’d like to customize. We suggest you include both photo and video options in your search because it will give you more options. You can always replace the photo in the template with a video of your own. If you’re feeling extra creative, start with a blank canvas and design your card from scratch.

Add your video 

Click on the photo or video in the template and then click on replace on the right. Select “Video” and then click “My Videos.” Click “Upload Videos” to view your computer. Select the video you want and click open. The video will open in your design Move the video or adjust its size until you like how it’s positioned.

Customize your copy 

Change the messages and customize the names. Swap out fonts, change colors and sizes, and add more copies if you like. You can even animate your copy.

Decorate your card 

Make the design your own by adding clipart and even animated gifs. You’ll find stars, holly, gingerbread people, and more in our clipart library.

Download and share

Use the Download and Collaboration options to get this done, easily.

Add a custom audio greeting to your photo card

If you don’t have a video you want to share, you can still create a custom greeting by attaching an audio clip to your design. Here’s how:

Create your audio

You can use the voice memo app on your photo to make your recording. Don’t worry about having dead air before and after your message—you can edit this in PosterMyWall later. You can also create multiple audio clips and have them play one after the other with your card.

Ensure your audio clip is available for use 

This may mean saving it to your computer files through the cloud or emailing it to yourself from your mobile phone to your computer. Then download your audio clip to your computer.

Design your card 

Import your photo, adjust your text, and make it your own.

Add your audio clip 

Click “Media” on the vertical menu on the left side of your canvas. Then click “Add From My Audio.” Click “Upload Audio Clips” to add the audio to your design. Click the pencil outline on the right if you’d like to trim either end of your video. 

Click the plus sign if you’d like to add another clip. Drag and drop the bars representing your clips to place them in the order you want.

Download and share 

Done and done.

Want more holiday glee? Incorporate one or more of these 8 festive holiday fonts into your designs.

We promise your custom cards will make your friends and family smile.

Happy Designing! ✨