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Create dynamic digital signage

Want to get noticed even in busy market places? Digital Signage displays are your best bet to attract customer attention and boost sales with minimal cost and effort.

PosterMyWall live class in collaboration with Raydiant: Create dynamic digital signage

What if there were a fast and painless way to create and run dynamic digital content? Whether it’s in a restaurant, a physician’s waiting room, an academic setting, a corporate environment, or streaming before a church service, strong visual content can engage your audience, educate them about upcoming events, and encourage them to take action.

In this week’s class, Aaron Marsh, national channel manager at Raydiant, joined our own Lisa Sinicki to demonstrate how the integration of the Raydiant digital signage platform with PosterMyWall makes it fast and fun to create, schedule, and display digital signage content. No graphic design or video-production talent required—which means great content even on a very tight budget.

If you missed the live class, you can watch the replay above and read the complete how-to below:

Create, schedule, and play in minutes

The partnership of PosterMyWall and Raydiant has created a powerful tool. Users create their content in PosterMyWall using our thousands of stock video clips and animation tools, download direct to Raydiant, and have their content up and running in minutes.

During the class, Lisa demonstrated how any template can be resized for your digital display and transformed into a video. She started with an Instagram-sized Taco Tuesday promotion and transformed it into a Pizza Night video.

As part of the template transformation, Lisa demonstrated how to:

  1. Instantly transform a template of any size into the correct format for digital signage (or any other use) with One-click Resize.
  2. Import a logo or your own photo.
  3. Import a stock photo or video.
  4. Add intro animation.
  5. Animate text.
  6. Add a menu with our Menu Design tool.
  7. Publish to the Raydiant digital display platform.

Next, Aaron took over to demonstrate how to publish content to your digital displays with the Raydiant digital display platform.

Aaron logged onto the Raydiant platform from his computer, noting that you can also access the platform from your phone, tablet, or any other device that is connected to the internet. Once he was inside the platform, we could see three different screens, each in a different location, that Aaron had access to. One of these screens was located right in Aaron’s office.

From there, Aaron moved to the library tab and clicked a green button with a plus sign to open the Raydiant application library. He scrolled to locate the button for PosterMyWall and clicked.

On the next screen, Aaron clicked a blue button labeled “Connect to PosterMyWall.” Once the platforms connected, Aaron used a dropdown menu to view all of the content he’d created on PosterMyWall.

Aaron selected the Pizza Night video Lisa had created. Once it had downloaded to the Raydiant platform, he dragged it into a folder marked PosterMyWall demo. A couple more clicks and Aaron had selected that folder to play on the screen in his office. He pushed publish, picked up his laptop, and walked across the room toward the screen.

By the time Aaron got to the screen, we could see the Pizza Night video playing on the screen behind him—showing that with the integration of PosterMyWall and the Raydiant display platform, it’s possible to create a custom video and have it playing in about 15-minutes.

Aaron also demonstrated Raydiant Multi-Zone, which divides a screen into multiple content display zones. For the demo, the largest portion of the screen ran the Pizza Night video while a small panel to the right played a Taco Tuesday promotion. A thin horizontal band at the bottom of the screen showed rolling messages, the time, and the weather. Aaron even added a QR code in real-time.

Raydiant Multi-Zone
Raydiant Multi-Zone

To close, Aaron shared Raydiant’s content scheduling capabilities. With Raydiant, you have complete control over what content plays.

Aaron added the Pizza Night video to a larger playlist and then selected the exact start and stop time he wanted the list to play. Then he selected which days of the week he wanted his playlist to run—and signed off.

 If you’d like a personal demo, click here to connect with the Raydiant team.

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