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How Larry Jobe created graphics for a community directory app with PosterMyWall

In this blog post, learn about Larry Jobe, a man who brought his community together digitally with an app and timely advertisements.

When Larry Jobe, director of sales for the Bowling Green Daily News, shared that he had used PosterMyWall to launch a community directory app, we were intrigued. After Larry shared what he has accomplished for his community and its businesses, we were blown away.

“Because of PosterMyWall, we can create great designs fast and cost effectively. It’s really enabled us to do what we do even better. We have probably saved tens of thousands of dollars,” Larry said.

Read on to be inspired by the story of the 270BG app–a digital, yet very human, way of connecting the Bowling Green, Kentucky community.

Every hero has an origin story

It all started the day Larry found himself standing outside a local Bowling Green shopping center. (Sports fans know Bowling Green as the home of Western Kentucky University) Larry wanted information on one of the shops. But because the shop doesn’t run Google Ads, Larry was having a truly awful time finding information. (5 pages down… 25 minutes of searching…come on Google!)

“There has to be some way to help these businesses,” he thought.

This led to the development of the 270BG app–an online home for local business and community information. 

Creating a directory app requires a lot of graphics, and as the sales manager for the Bowling Green Daily News, Larry knew that creating dynamic graphic design can require lots of time and money. “There has to be some tool that will enable me to do this myself,” he thought.

After researching options, Larry found PosterMyWall. He conducted a thorough test drive and  liked what he saw. “PosterMyWall was easy to use, full featured, and really versatile.”  Larry selected mobile app developer Bar-Z and found that it was incredibly simple to create his graphics in PosterMyWall and upload them to the Bar-Z framework. In just a few weeks 270BG was a reality!  

Over time, Larry found more ways to make his life easier with PosterMyWall–including using it to create ads for the Bowling Green Daily News and to create digital graphics for the local Vette City Motorcycle Music Fest. 

Favorite PosterMyWall features

Larry showed us many examples of the graphics he has created in PosterMyWall. Every single page of 270BG, both on the website and on the app, is first designed in PosterMyWall.  

Although the app is just a few months old, a significant number of Bowling Green residents have already downloaded it. In addition to providing information on local businesses, the app links directly to the Bowling Green Daily News, making it easy for users to keep up-to-date on what is happening in their community.  

Larry said that one of the benefits of the 270BG app is that it makes it easy for local businesses, especially restaurants, to get in front of their customers. He highlighted El Matatlan, one of the app’s sponsors that has its menu displayed in the app. “We’ve got the ability to add videos, which is very popular for promotions,” said Larry. Fun fact: creating menus where you can easily add or swap out items is one of his favorite features in PosterMyWall. (We just did a training video on it if you’d like to check it out.)

Special features are a huge hit!

As a special feature, Larry publishes the Bowling Green Daily News’ “Best of Bowling Green” list on the app. This received a great response from the community, and generated attention for winners and runners up. 

The app also highlights one of Bowling Green’s biggest local attractions–Western Kentucky University’s college sports teams. “We have every sport in its own section. Not just football, but the full array of sports: soccer, golf, volleyball–and more. And it’s not just schedules. We also publish a great deal of information about the players and staff,” Larry said.

PosterMyWall drives print ad design and digital signage content, too

Larry also showed us many examples of ads, for both the print and online versions of the Bowling Green Daily News, that were created in PosterMyWall. From Super Bowl ads and contests, to New Years eve events at the Performing Arts Center–there are a wide range of designs that Larry has created in-house with ease and flair.

PosterMyWall has also helped Larry and his team create printed and digital signage for Bowling Green’s annual Vette City Motorcycle Music Fest. “I used PosterMyWall to create all of the event graphics including the video wall content. And in addition to the informational signage, PosterMyWall made it a breeze to put together custom inserts for all of the sponsors,” Larry said. Learn more about digital signage from experts.

We have no idea what sort of project Larry might take on next. But based on what he’s tackled so far, we are sure that if that project has a graphic design element, he’ll rely on PosterMyWall for that too. “With PosterMyWall, I’m confident I can effortlessly create all of the visuals we need,” Larry said.