Need a logo that pops? An easy guide to creating a logo online for free!

A logo is a visual depiction of your small business, and the first chance to introduce your brand to the public. Learn how to use our logo creator online for free to design a logo that elevates your business to the next level!

First impressions are everything. In business, your logo is the quickest visual representation of your brand. Logos stand in for handshakes and need to translate and reflect your brand message and mission efficiently. A strong logo makes your brand identifiable, memorable, timeless, and versatile. 

But how can you summarize the heart of your business in a single visual? In this article, we’ll teach you exactly how to do that with PosterMyWall. 

If you’re struggling to stimulate the creative juices, get ready to lock down the perfect logo for free in just a few short steps. 

But what makes a logo memorable? Excellent question.

Branding is an area that often gets overlooked, but it’s crucial if you want to take your business to the next level. You can indeed DIY your branding, but before you even think about designing, let’s get clear on your vision by starting with your logo.

Here are a few factors to consider when designing a logo online:

  • What emotion do you want to convey? If you’re in real estate, investment banking, or the medical field, you’ll likely want to keep it simple, professional, and straightforward, like the Chase Bank logo. 
  • Do you want the imagery to be minimal and straightforward or complex and illustrative, like the Walt Disney Pictures logo
  • Are you a fan of iconic symbols like the Nike swoosh, or an artful illustration, like Starbucks’ seafaring mermaid?
  • What do you envision for the font? Does calligraphy, serif or sans serif font embody your brand? Script fonts will create an elegant, upscale aesthetic. Serif often has a vintage look, while sans serif is modern and minimal. Scroll through our broad collection of fonts and experiment with your favorites until you find one that sticks.
  • Do you want bold, statement colors in your logo? Or, do neutrals best embody your brand? Warm tones evoke action, while cool tones depict peace and calm. Colors tap into your brand’s psychology and translate specific feelings to your audience, so choose them carefully.
  • Will you include a slogan or tagline in the logo? Many of our designs have a slogan, but if you don’t see one in the logo template you like, you can quickly press the + button in the top editor, select Text and add a slogan to your design.
  • How will your logo differentiate from your competitors? Try not to overthink this point, but instead, ruminate on what makes your brand unique, and design a logo reflective of that to stand out from the crowd.

All of these factors are vital to helping you distinguish your brand. With a successful logo, you instinctively think of electronics when you look at an apple, instead of actual fruit. And let’s not forget one of the most famous logos in the world. Did you know that 90% of the entire global population recognizes the Coca-Cola logo?

There’s a reason why: It’s simple, iconic, and memorable. And that’s what makes a terrific logo.

How can you take this concept and design a logo that hooks people at first glance, sticks in their mind, and transforms your brand into a recognizable entity? 

With our free online logo creator! Because logos shouldn’t break the bank to be influential.

A cost-effective approach to logos

Many businesses offload their logo to a professional graphic designer, but that requires a sizable investment. Companies spend between $500-$1,000 on a professionally designed logo. That’s valuable money you could allocate towards marketing campaigns, outreach initiatives, and brand awareness.

Is there a better, more affordable solution to creating a recognizable logo? There sure is! Our online logo creator is free, easy-to-use, and diverse. Best part? You can browse professionally designed logo templates that won’t cost you a dime. You’ll find templates for every type of small business — from gardening to daycare to restaurants to beauty companies to even home care logos

Once you find a design you like, you can easily customize it to match your branding, fonts, colors, and imagery. Once you design your logo, upload it to your website, social media profile pictures, and all visual brand assets.

It’s that easy. 

Let’s walk you through the steps of how to create a logo in our easy-to-use editor. You’re only minutes away from a professional, resonant, and recognizable brand logo that gets people talking about your business.

How to use our logo creator online for free

Creating a logo is easy and quick. Keep reading as we walk you through every step of the process below.

  1. To start, browse our logo templates category to find the perfect template.
  2. Use the search bar to look for logos within specific niches such as free bakery logos.
  3. Take a closer look by clicking on the template preview to open it. 
  4. If you like what you see, start customizing your logo! You can change the text, alter the font’s size and color, and add, remove or alter shapes, elements, and clipart. 
  5. Need to make it pop? Add filters and other enhancement effects to elevate your design. 
  6. Click the save icon in the top menu to save your design. Then, click the download icon to view your options. You can download a free, Basic Image, or choose a High Quality Image download for only $2.99!

In PosterMyWall, you’ll find logos for all kinds of businesses, such as library logos, consulting firm logos and esports logos.

Your logo’s ready to launch!

Your logo is ready to go! Wasn’t that a breeze? Designing a recognizable brand logo is straightforward and quick with our online logo creator. The hardest part is investing time into the psychology, emotion, and feeling of your logo. But no one knows your small business better than you!

From there, the rest is merely editing and customizing. Ready to take your business to the big leagues? Buckle up, because now you’ve got the logo to get you there!