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Create an irresistible social media presence

Join PosterMyWall’s special guest Kim George, founder of YourChicGeek, as she shares the secrets of creating a social media presence that will skyrocket your brand engagement. Not just this, your customers will also love it!

PosterMyWall live class collaboration with Kim George: Create an irresistible social media presence

This week, our live class featured social media expert Kim George, founder of YourChicGeek. Kim shared 5 tips for creating a social media presence that will make your customers fall head-over-heels in love with you.

If you missed the class, you can watch the replay video above. Or, if you prefer the highlights only version, read on for a summary of Kim’s presentation.

5 Tips for Creating an Irresistible Social Media Presence

Written by Kim George, Founder of YourChicGeek

We Don’t have a choice on whether we DO social media. The question is how WELL we do it.

Erik Qualman

In a business world that thrives on social networks, how do you create a social media brand that rises above the rest? 

Here’s the truth: 

It’s all in how you package and present your brand on social media. The right branding can help you stand out and get noticed by the RIGHT people. The wrong branding can cause confusion and cause you to look “unprofessional” to the audience that you want to attract to your business.

This is why in this blog post, we’ll show you how to create a stand out and irresistible social media presence by using great visuals, color palettes, engaging social media bios, and epic content, all of which are crucial for creating a successful social media brand.

This leads me to my top 5 tips for creating an irresistible social media presence:

1) Choose a distinct color palette for your brand

For the platforms you’ll be using, I recommend using a distinct color scheme for all of your social media branding.

Source: ColorPalettes.net
Source: ColorPalettes.net

For color palettes, I recommend using a tool like Colorpalettes.net.  This tool has a ton of preselected color schemes that helps take the guesswork out of which colors will work well together.  

Once you get a color combination that inspires you and works well with your brand make sure that you use it consistently across your platforms.  

Source: ColorPalettes.net
Source: ColorPalettes.net

A uniform color palette enables your social media posts to appear synchronized and consistent. With time, online users will start recognizing your posts and brand on social media whenever you publish and create content. 

2) Create on-brand graphics

On brand graphics = designs that have the consistent fonts, colors, style and images on them.

For example, check out the graphics below that I created in PosterMyWall. I simply added colors from the color scheme previously mentioned, added some content, my photo and voila, I have a set of on-brand graphics that I can use to promote my brand on social media.

Branded PosterMyWall Promo Graphic for Workshop
Branded PosterMyWall Promo Graphic for Workshop
Branded PosterMyWall Logo Design
Branded PosterMyWall Logo Design
Branded Book Promo Graphic Created with PosterMyWall
Branded Book Promo Graphic Created with PosterMyWall

We can all agree that nothing beats strong visual content. Whether you use social media for personal or business purposes, creating great visuals definitely help you create a more engaging and attractive brand. 

Here’s another before and after of example of on-brand graphics created in PosterMyWall:

Branded Book Promo Graphic Created with PosterMyWall
Branded Book Promo Graphic Created with PosterMyWall

In fact, MDG Advertising confirmed that image based posts receive 94% more views. Similarly, video posts are shared three times more than posts containing texts only. From these statistics alone, it’s easy to see the power of integrating visuals into your marketing and brand strategy.

In addition to this, you can optimize your brand graphics for the search engines and attract a bigger audience to your website or personal blog.

3) Create captivating bios

The next actionable step is to create a well-written bio for your social network. Your bio should simply tell people what you do, who you do it for and how it benefits them.

Here’s a simple formula that you can use to create your social media bios:

Bio Formula:  

I help [your target market] create/sell [tell what you help them accomplish] by ________.


I teach [solopreneurs] how to [create + sell EPIC digital products] for [passive profits].

Here are a few examples of great social media bios:

Tarzan Kay – Copywriter

Tarzan Kay.png

Tammi Metzler – Author + Editor

Tammi Metzler.png

4) Keep your social media account names consistent 

Try to incorporate your brand name in all of your social media accounts.  This just simply means adding your brand into the URL of all of your social media.

For example, my brand’s name is YourChicGeek. To keep things consistent, I use YourChicGeek somewhere in my account names.






5) Create engaging social media content

Content is King, even on social media! While great visuals and a catchy bio might capture your audience’s attention on social media, it’s engaging content that will keep them around.

YCG Social Media Content Calendar
YCG Social Media Content Calendar

Remember, you’re competing against thousands of influencer’s feeds and other folks in your niche.   

So how do you create engaging social media content that grabs their attention and connects with them at a deeper level? 

Here’s a few tips:

Tip #1:  Create a social media content calendar to keep track of everything that you post.  

Your calendar will help you stay organized and focused on one specific area of content to center all of your social media marketing around.

Here’s a few things that I include in my social media posting calendar:

  • Month – this is the month that you will post the content
  • Theme – this is a central topic that all of the content that you post will be based on.  For example, if you are running a local pizza restaurant, you can create a  “Theme” for the month of “January” that revolves around Pizza Crust types or something to that effect. Or, if you run a local flower delivery service, you can create content based on a specific type of flower that you deliver.
  • Type of post – Visual, Text Based, Audio, Image Based Post.
  • Related Hashtags – This would be any hashtag based on your marketing theme of the month that would help your audience discover your content.  Inflact is an excellent tool for finding hashtags for marketing. Simply type a keyword into the tool and it will generate hashtags for social media automatically that you can use.
  • Related Products/Services – if you have products or services related to the theme of month, add them to your calendar for promotion.

Tip #2:  Determine what you will post for Engagement

Here are some examples of types of content that you probably are already posting to your social media accounts.  

Informative and Educational Post Ideas
Informative and Educational Post Ideas

While they may be informative and helpful here are some posts that I’ve used that I’ve seen the most engagement from:

Engaging Content Ideas

If you’re looking for more engaging social media content ideas, I highly recommend checking out this blog post.

Tip #3: Use The New 80/20 Rule of Social Media Marketing

You may find yourself asking, “what’s a good ratio to use for posting promo content vs regular content”?

Well, my friends, I would recommend following the 80/20 rule.  This simply means that you “80% of your social media posts should inform, educate, engage and entertain your audience, while only 20% should directly promote your business.”

Tip #4:  Use relevant hashtags and other information in your posts to help your content get discovered.

Tip #5: Remember to keep your content “on-brand” so that they are easier to recognize online and get your brand the attention it truly deserves.  Here again, if you’re blending in with everyone else, you’re not standing out.  

Engaging Post Examples

Now that we’ve covered those tips, let’s take a look at some examples of engaging posts that you can learn from:

YCG Engaging Post (1).png
Madhi Woodard Post.png
BlueChic IG.png
Angie Gensler IG.png


I hope that you all enjoyed this post and round up of ideas that you can use right away to get more attention, engagement and recognition for your brand.

Thanks for reading!