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The most effective offline marketing strategies for the modern marketer

While online marketing is booming, offline marketing tactics remain a traditional but successful method to capture the attention of your target market. Consider the recommendations here for your offline journey.

There is no denying the importance of a strong online marketing presence. With this tactic, marketers and small business owners alike are able to reach a large audience in a cost-effective, measurable way. It’s an opportunity to pitch your products or services to your target market – and one that your competitors are likely already using effectively. However, with digital ad spend growing exponentially each year, it is becoming increasingly challenging to capture the attention of our intended audience online.

Keeping this information in mind, today’s savvy marketers are reconsidering the potential of traditional marketing. Whereas many businesses are dominating online, most of us cannot remember the last time we utilized offline marketing techniques like billboard and radio. But if you are thinking that these are a ‘thing of the past,’ think again. They might hold more power than you think. Let’s talk more about offline marketing and how it can benefit your business in 2021.

Why engage in offline marketing

In today’s oversaturated business world, it can be difficult to make an impression. As business owners, we often think of our ideas as unique, but even the most savvy marketer can face difficulties gaining brand awareness, especially at the beginning.

This isn’t surprising, especially when we consider the numbers. According to Oberlo, there were a staggering 4.41 million startups registered in 2020 alone.

New business owners are struggling to climb their way to the top against a sea of innovative competitors. It takes the mix of both a forward-thinking, exciting product or service and a wide range of marketing techniques to stand out.

This is where offline marketing comes in. There are many exciting benefits of creating an offline marketing campaign for business, including…

Increased authenticity

Customers can be weary of brands solely promoting themselves online. While presenting a brand that is honest and trustworthy can take years to establish, there is some authenticity and connection associated with offline marketing. The personal interactions associated with attending an event or picking up a leaflet at a conference add a level of transparency.

Faster feedback

While it is easy to measure the success of our online marketing techniques, analytics are a long game. Statistics are best measured over longer periods of time, comparing data month-by-month to decipher how your digital marketing tactics are measuring up. We can achieve much faster feedback through a text message or workshop.

Expanded reach

While most modern consumers use platforms like Facebook and Instagram daily, certain industries have more traditional customers. Not everyone is online. This is especially true for companies looking to reach baby boomers and older adults, who might trust offline marketing more than an ad on social media. To cover all of our bases, it’s best to use an integrated approach of online and offline marketing.

The best offline marketing tactics, revisited

Ready to start your offline marketing journey? Play around with these awarding marketing tactics.

Guerilla marketing

If you have something to say, say it loud. It might just go viral! This is the premise of guerilla marketing, an affordable, in-person marketing technique where companies use surprise-and-delight tactics to catch the eye of potential customers. Some ideas include creating pop-up experiences in city centres and setting up a shocking billboard in the middle of a field.

Take the campaign done by RaisingTheRoof, a Canadian non-profit for the homeless. This campaign created posters placed around urban centres where the wall meets the ground, where the homeless would generally sit. The messages brought stark statistics to life.

Image source: WeLoveAd

Brochures and pamphlets

Brochures can pack a punch in a small package. Where else can you incorporate SO much information on minimal real estate without it being overwhelming? With thousands of versatile free templates available on online design platforms like PosterMyWall, eye-catching corporate professional brochures and pamphlet designs can be created with ease. Professional brochures are great for distributing and providing necessary information to clients, investors and customers alike.

QR codes

Keeping things contact free is not a luxury, but a necessity in many places as COVID-19 ravages our communities and businesses. Paper-free alternatives for menus, ticket sales and more can help stop the spread while keeping businesses afloat.

If you’re considering incorporating QR codes in your business operations, we recommend trying out a QR code generator.

You can also mix paper medium and QR codes together as well by printing one to your flyer.


Unboxing has become a major trend over the past few years, with influencers everywhere seen unveiling their favorite new products from beautifully branded boxes and packages alike. The packaging represents the first sight and touchpoint for customers, offering the potential to bring an exciting sensory experience even to the most mundane products.

The perfect unboxing experience will make customers feel part of a unique club, one that they definitely will want to share on social media. This opens the door for your product to reach tens of thousands more people from the box alone. If you are seeking some inspiration, Inside Packaging has the scoop on some of the best packaging and unboxing experiences in recent history.

Pulling it together

There is no doubt that digital marketing is here to stay, but an integrated approach to promotion will yield better results. Your target market might not even spend a lot of time online, making it less likely that they’ll come upon that innovative campaign. Engaging in a mix of both online and offline tactics will create excitement for a diverse audience. Some of our favorite tactics are guerilla marketing, brochure distribution and creative packaging for the ability to say it all concisely.

If you are looking to increase trustworthiness, expand reach and obtain faster feedback to continuously improve marketing, offline marketing is the best choice for you.