Five tools to make your marketing work more efficient and fun

Want to do more with less as a marketer? Try out the tools and strategies listed here to simplify your work.

The right technology stack can help you execute your marketing strategy but with so many options, it can be hard to zero in on what will work for you, especially if you’re in the beginning of your digital marketing journey. 

The good news is that many online tools can help you produce professional-grade work in a variety of areas, including graphic design, analytics and social media, without specialized skills. They are somewhat easy to master and oftentimes free. 

Here are five apps that can help you reach your marketing goals better and faster.

Store, share, collaborate

You are probably already using Google Drive or Dropbox to store and organize your files. Using a cloud-based service like these is much easier than sending your teammates bulky attachments and keeping track of the changes. 

To help with the workflow and collaboration, some teams choose to use apps like Trello, a visual way to organize projects into “cards”.  Your team members can add data sources and assets, or links to assets, to each card and also mark the project’s progress as they complete each stage. 

It’s free for small teams, and you can give feedback and track progress from the app on your phone. 

This is what an editorial calendar Trello board looks like:

Make and publish social media posts

If social media is the cornerstone of your marketing strategy, you’re tasked with creating quality content in the most efficient way. It’s a challenge especially if design is not your strong suit. Online graphic design tools can help. 

PosterMyWall, for example, lets you design custom social media posts without any design skills through the use of their templates, then share them across all your channels.

You can also design custom marketing materials with their free graphics design tools and turn your new menu or a sales announcement into your social media posts with a free resize tool. The platform will automatically publish your post on any channels you choose. 

Build and track backlinking

Links are the currency of the web yet building and follow up can be a tedious task, and not easy for someone new to SEO to master. 

On the one end of the spectrum there are link-building giants like Ahrefs, a pricey software suite designed for the pros. One of its popular features is “Link Interest” that lets you see what sites link to your competitors, but not you. 

Some more affordable options could be Linkody, a more user-friendly backlink tracker with useful features like Top Pages, and NinjaOutreach, with a huge database of influencers and pre-made templates for different types of link building campaigns. 

Track mentions on social media

With all this buzz you’re creating around your brand, it only makes sense to track what others are saying about it on social media. 

You probably already use Hootsuite for your social media analytics, but you can also take a deeper dive with tools like BuzzSumo that analyzes content, shows what’s trending and pinpoints influencers in your niche.

Experts give it extra points for tracking your brand mentions even without the links back to your site, which offers an opportunity for a friendly email and potential backlinks, and for finding influencers in your niche who have already talked about your competitors.

Make blogging a breeze

Sharing your expertise in your chosen field through blogging is an excellent way to establish your presence and get some backlinks love. You have probably experimented with WordPress, a blogging platform with attractive templates.

Another option to consider might be Squarespace, that some argue is a better alternative for beginners with no coding knowledge. It offers over a hundred attractive templates and secure integration with PayPal, among other features. One of it’s most popular is Tudor, a clean, asymmetrical design that looks like a glossy magazine. 

Know your time

Marketing is a time consuming task, and the best marketers know how to manage their 24 hours better. This means prioritizing tasks that provide the best results and shelving less crucial projects for another time. The key to successful time management is using a time tracker tool.

A time tracker automatically logs time in the background and provides professionals with a comprehensive working hours analysis.

Consider using a tool that also allows you to add multiple projects and tasks for better workflow transparency throughout your project. Here is a list of comprehensive reviews of the best time tracking software.

Looking forward

From free graphic design tools to beautiful blog templates to trackers that measure sentiment with surgical precision, there’re plenty of ways to approach your marketing challenges head on – you just need to prioritize and invest a little bit of time in testing out what works best for your goals. 

The best part? Letting your creative side shine and enjoying the sense of discovery that comes with new insights all while actually doing the marketing work to help your business succeed.