Create a personalized Mother’s Day card with ease

A hand made, personal and pretty card is the perfect gift for mom this mother’s day. Read on to learn how you can create a mother’s day card.

Do you recall the days where you used to scribble a beautiful Picasso-inspired drawing onto a piece of paper – your signature – and hand it proudly to your mom? Whether those days were nearby or in the distant past, it was likely the beginning of a long journey of Mother’s Day cards for the mom in your life. Today, it’s more likely that you may seek out the nearest store for the latest and greatest Hallmark innovation. But your mom was so much happier with those handmade cards that offered a personal look into how much you care.

Fortunately, even if you are not familiar with the world of graphic design, there are tools that make it easy to DIY a personalized message. The great thing about the online world is the fact that it is becoming easier and easier to create beautiful designs, even if you are not that artsy. Not sure how? We’re here to break it down below.

Choose an online design tool

The online world can offer a range of tools at your disposal to get creative. Our favorite is PosterMyWall, a cloud-based graphic design solution for beginners and graphic designers alike to create a range of materials for online use. From social media posts that have that ‘wow’ factor to posters that can promote an upcoming event for your business, the platform offers hundreds of professionally designed templates for your mother’s day card. Mom will be shocked that you did it yourself in such a cost-effective (note: free!) way without taking up too much time from your schedule.

Design your card

Once you have landed on the PosterMyWall homepage, it should only take a matter of minutes to create your own personalized card. Just follow these steps for success:

Choose a template that calls to you

Remember, these mother’s day card designs are totally customizable once chosen. You might like certain elements or a certain layout and those can stay the same, but you’ll have the ability to add your own touch in the next several steps.

Modify the template

You can choose to:
a) Add text – add new or edit existing text, changing font, color, size and more
b) Add photo – upload any photo that you desire from Google Drive, Dropbox or Facebook
c) Crop an image – eliminate aspects that you want out of an image
d) Work with additional effects and clipart (like add a pretty sticker)


Edited version:

Save or download design

Save the design easily by clicking ‘save’ in the right-hand corner and print it at your leisure. If you won’t be seeing your mom in person this Mother’s Day, don’t fret. PosterMyWall also has the option to share on Facebook or Twitter.

Time to celebrate

Mom always tells us that receiving a homemade card is a gift. Anyone can go out and purchase a card at the nearest store, but a homemade card takes time, effort and more thought put into it. Personalizing it specific to mom makes it that much more special. Enjoy celebrating mom.