Make Teachers’ Day special: Add color to the life of those who influenced ours with black & white

Teachers’ appreciation day is a fantastic opportunity to express gratitude for the commitment our teachers have made to spreading knowledge and wisdom and helping us grow. Want to do something special for your teacher? Read more!

A teacher is someone who takes your hand, opens your mind, and touches your heart. Without the essential guiding hand teachers provide, most of us would have no means of navigating the complications we face in our lives.

Teachers’ appreciation day is the best opportunity for you to show how much they’ve inspired you and to honor your treasured mentors who have looked out for you. Lost for ideas of what to do? 

Worry not! We’ve put together only the best and most fun ways to go thank them.

Send them a gift coupon

Showing you care can certainly be done by sending your teacher a gift coupon. The best part is that your options are unlimited! You could gift them a coupon to their favorite eatery or shop. 

Do you know if your teacher loves reading? If so, you can send a gift coupon for Kindle Unlimited. Think of the joy your teacher will feel at being able to read books for free. 

Another great idea is gift coupons for spa treatments or massages, anything that helps them relax. Did you know that more than 45 percent of teachers quit their jobs within the first five years due to high-stress levels and the time their work demands?

Gift coupons are a great idea for a thank you present. Your teachers can purchase something they desire, save money, experience something new, and feel special and valued! 

Donate school supplies

Another thoughtful way to express your gratitude and respect for the profession is by donating some essential classroom supplies. For instance, if you’ve found that there’s always a shortage of glue or a need for some tacks to hold things up you can purchase a box of these and gift wrap it.

Try to assess the needs of your classroom or your teacher before you go ahead with this. You might realize your teacher badly needs a calculator and the school doesn’t have the budget to provide them with one.

Most teachers in this position tend to buy supplies with their money or bring their personal belongings from home, which is quite unfair. Donating just what your class or teacher needs is one of the best ways to demonstrate that you care and respect, both the teacher as well as knowledge and learning.

Make them something special

Creating something for someone with your hands like food or a knitted scarf or origami decoration, for instance, is one of the most heartwarming and intimate gestures you can perform for someone.

You could bake a cake, cookies, dessert, chocolates, get to know your teacher’s likes and dislikes, and prepare something to stimulate their taste buds. Alternatively, if you’re skilled at craft, you could create an artwork or something your teacher can use daily like a pen stand.

Make a thank you card

A creative thank you card that you’ve designed and worked on yourself is as great of a gesture as any of the suggestions on this list. And if you’re not that good at drawing, or designing and feeling low about your artistic skills, don’t fret.

Online tools like PosterMyWall can help you design the perfect thank you card to express how you feel. With hundreds of different templates and themes to choose from and loads of editing options, you can personalize the card just the way you like it.

Try to think about something special to say in your card. Something that’s personal, authentic, and from you. Words when used well can make someone’s day and no one deserves that more than your teacher, on Teachers’ Day.

Some final thoughts

Teachers’ Day is a significant occasion. Expressing gratitude can of course take many forms. You could try something on this list, or combine several options, the choice is entirely yours. If you have a unique idea, that’s stellar and more power to you. After all, it’s the thought that really counts.