25 invitation design templates for your save the date!

Plan ahead to save your date. We’ve picked some of our best save the date invitation templates so you don’t have to. Browse our collection and take your pick!

You’ve set up your venue for the big day. The guest list is ready, decorations are on their way and smiles are abound. Now it’s time to send out your Save the Date invitations.

Luckily, you can save a lot of time and money, without compromising on quality with a beautiful invitation all with PosterMyWall’s Save the Date card templates and wedding planner brochure templates. To make your job even easier, we’ve picked out some of our favorite wedding invitation cards and listed them here. For your ease, we’ve divided them to design types, suited for a variety of tastes. Pick the design that best resonates with you.

No negative space

To start things up, let’s talk about something that’s modern. Empty looking designs with lots of negative space and scanty graphics are the new norm in postcard and flyer designs, but there’s a certain allure in what is now considered ‘old-fashioned’ or even ‘outdated’ design practices. Here’s some of our favorite picks from these ‘old-fashioned designs’.

Sailor themed save the date invite
Black save the date invitation template
Wedding Save the date flyer


Symmetry signified a balanced design, with elements (usually) center-focused and appear naturally pleasing to the eye. Symmetrical designs can be modern, but that is not a rule, and it’s a safe option to use when you’re looking to create a reliable invitation.

Black save the date invitation
Save the date invitation
Save the date invitation
Save the date wedding invitation
Modern save the date invitation

Personalize with pictures

Save the date is all about a very special moment in your life, so a picture, or even a collage of pictures can enhance your invitation. Use pictures to personalize your invitations, and we’ve picked out templates that will work well with your pictures.

You can use various effects in the PosterMyWall editor, such as borders and filters to enhance your pictures. Use these effects in moderation, as too many can cause discord.

Save the date invitation
Save the date invitation picture
Save the date couples flyer
Save the date
Save the date invitation card

A Modern Touch

Modern designs explore negative space, use neutral and mild colors and generally sport a clean, solid look. You can use the modern look to create some elegant looking invitations.

Save the date formal invitation
Modern Save the date formal invitation
Modern save the date formal invite
Bridesmaid invitation save the date
Save the date formal invitation

Integration and Layers

Save the date flyer
Formal save the date invitation

Your invitations are all going to be two-dimensional, but that doesn’t mean they need to look that way. Integration and layers are two ways to make your design appear multi-faceted and three-dimensional.

As the name suggests, you can create designs as if various elements are stacked, or layered over each other. This makes for both complex and simple designs.

Integration is a design technique which involves combining text and graphic elements in a way that makes them appear intertwined with each other.

Some more inspiration

Save the date formal invitation
Save the date masquerade invitation
Save the date informal invitation
Save the date invitation
Save the date vintage invitation

If the above designs didn’t catch your eye, don’t worry, we have some more great looking templates to resonate with the dream invitation you want to save your date.

Still looking for more ideas? Don’t worry, here are some more Save the date and wedding templates. And if you’re planning your wedding anniversary, these wedding anniversary flyers also have you covered.

So start customizing these templates today, and make your special day even more special!