How to build an antifragile business – A webinar by Allan Dib

How can you make your small business stand strong amidst uncertain economic conditions during the coronavirus pandemic? Allan Dib shares practical advice to make your business antifragile. Read the summary or watch the full video.

Our partner, Allan Dib recently hosted a webinar and vividly illustrated how businesses can adapt to remain strong in uncertain economic conditions, like in a time of virus outbreak. You may know him from his insightful five-part How to create a marketing plan series, a must read for anyone looking to implement their new business idea. 

Allan offered plenty of timely and practical advice in the webinar, some of which we will summarize here. 

Here’s what was discussed: 

  1. What does it mean to be antifragile as a small enterprise? Allan shares a variety of strategies in both marketing and business development through the course of the webinar to help your business stay strong in uncertain times. 
  2. What business model is the right fit for your enterprise? Do you have a physical presence, catering towards a local audience or a digital presence, catering to a much wider audience? In times of a crisis, the latter model will have an easier time. 
  3. A complete overhaul of your business is not the name of the game. Instead, you want to introduce aspects to your business which can be sustained regardless of conditions in the market. A restaurant can introduce online orders, a business with a one time product can introduce a new recurring or regular product. 
  4. A resilient business enterprise shouldn’t go all in on a single online platform. They should have a strong presence on multiple online platforms, including social media. A brand completely reliant on Google ads is at the mercy of Google at the slightest policy change on their part. 
  5. Great customer relationships, a product catalog that focuses on needs along with the wants of a customer, and being a thought leader in your field all add into a business becoming more adaptable than its competitors. 
  6. Most businesses fail not because they have a bad product but because they don’t know how to market the product. A successful marketing plan is necessary because nobody will try a product or service unless the target audience knows and trusts the brand behind it. 
  7. With so much to factor in, creating a successful marketing plan can often become a tedious task. Allan offers a solution by providing the 1-Page Marketing Plan. Marketers can use it to create compact and workable marketing plans that fit the enterprise’s niche and propel growth. 

Marketing planning and execution is not to be underestimated, and often, the guidance of a professional can help you in ways you weren’t even aware of. Allan offers you a chance to learn from a team of experts, get one on one coaching and guidance specifically suited to your needs as a business. Join the Marketing & Business Academy for a successful business enterprise.