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Creating the perfect summer camp experience starts here

Creating a perfect summer camp experience requires smart marketing practices. Read on to find new ideas to try out in the camping season.

Do you remember attending summer camp as a child? Camp was a joyous time where we had the opportunity to escape from home for a short period of time and enjoy everything that summer is all about. From archery to capture the flag to swimming and crafting, there is a little something for everyone to enjoy.

Promoting your camp is important to make sure that you are creating awareness while increasing enrollment and ultimately leading to higher sales for your camp. As more people invest in purchasing packages at your camp, you can invest back more into creating a wonderful experience for the children that attend it.

After such a difficult period of time navigating the pandemic, we are all looking for life to start returning back to normal and experience a little release. This is especially true for our children who have a harder time making sense of being stuck indoors, isolating with no contact with their friends than adults. Here are some of our favorite creative recommendations on creating the best summer camp experience yet.

Seek market research from campers

What better opportunity to learn more about what your target market likes than to tap into them directly? Our top recommendation is to ask the experts: past camp guests and their parents. What type of activities do they like to enjoy the most in their day-to-day lives? Is there a specific skill that will be in-demand in the future, for example coding, that could bring an influx of new interested camp attendees? While the tried-and-true camp arts and crafts, sports and games will always be in demand, today’s campers are asking for more.

Look to competitors for inspiration

Outside of your target market, be sure to also research what is popular and interesting. Seek out your competitors, what former campers have said that they like most about the camp experience and if you do not yet offer that activity, consider implementing it.

Debate a ‘specialty camp’ experience

Consider converting your camp, or a segment of it, into a ‘specialty camp.’ Specialty camps are those that specialize in a certain type of experience, such as a horseback riding camp, fitness boot camp or math learning camp. If you can dream it, you can make it happen! And if you’re looking for a little inspo, this guide from Top Education Degrees is a helpful spot to start.

Promote what you have to offer

Now that you have the inspiration down pat about what new offerings you are going to include in your summer 2021 camp experience, be sure to start promoting now. The earlier the better, with many camp enrollments filling up months before a camp is to commence. Families are looking for activities to keep their children busy throughout the summer months. Especially after being stuck at home for so long, parents want to make it special, after all!.

Summer camp flyers and social media posts are traditional and digital marketing techniques that can easily promote the message about what makes you unique and why campers need to register with you over any other alternative. PosterMyWall is a free online graphic design tool that allows experts and newbies to create beautiful images in minutes. 

Get creative with that summer camp flyer when you choose one of hundreds of templates. Find a design you like, swap in some text and different images and share away. To make it even easier, this flyer can be shared directly on social media from the platform. Don’t forget to put your call-to-action front and center, making it the star of the show to showcase all the fun campers can look forward to.

Putting the pieces together

Summer camp season is just about ready to commence and you want enrollment to be at its capacity. There is still time to create some new programs, offer some new activities and promote, promote, promote it all. A little brainstorming and a lot of creativity can go a long way. Most importantly, have fun in the process. Enjoy camp season!

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