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Ways to celebrate Father’s Day at your local church

From special events to making the kids dress up like their dads, there is so much you can do to make Father’s Day special at your church.

For many of us, our fathers (and father figures) are heroes. When times are tough, they stand by you and share their anecdotes to help us learn valuable lessons and, of course, make us laugh with their dad jokes. 

Father’s day, much like mother’s day, can be a complicated holiday, as some may be struggling with absentee fathers, finding hope as single fathers, or trying to step into the dad’s role for their step children. 

It is crucial to keep these sentiments in mind while celebrating the amazing dads within our communities. The good news is that this is the perfect opportunity to honor paternal bonds and honor fatherhood in society.

Here are some simple yet effective ways you can celebrate father’s day and all it stands for at your local church:

Activities to plan for Father’s Day at your local church

You can celebrate fatherhood in several ways at church on Father’s day. However, if you feel like you need some inspiration, consider the following father’s day activities:


Of course, the best way to honor fathers and those struggling with fatherhood in any way, shape or form, is prayer. During prayer time, all categories of people should be acknowledged and prayed for so they feel encouraged, seen, and loved by all the church-goers. 

Fatherhood requires unconditional love and dedication. A few strong words of prayer can lift your dad up to the Lord and give him the courage to continue on his walk with Christ.

Plan activities for the kids

Father’s day should be a fun occasion, and what’s more fun than getting kids involved? The children could dress up like their fathers for church, and everyone can take some cute pictures of the kids with their dads.

 Another activity could be having kids fill out questionnaires about their fathers the week before Father’s day, and share the funniest or most heartwarming replies on stage with everyone. Kids say the darndest things, making this an excellent way to make the day light-hearted and hilarious. 

Gifts for all the men

There may be more prep work involved with this idea, but it will help everyone feel seen on this day. If possible, offer all the men a gift to acknowledge them because they may be struggling with not having a child or maybe a father figure to someone else’s children. The gift does not have to be huge; it could be free donuts and coffee to help them start their day. Other ideas include devotional books or gift cards. 

Hashtag it

Create hashtags to help document this special day at church, celebrating such important people in our lives. The hashtags could be related to the church’s locality, and you can add ‘#FathersDay’ to any social media posts related to your plans for the day. 

You can ask all the church members to use the hashtag the week before Father’s day and post videos and photos of their dads on different social media platforms. You can then make a slideshow of the best posts so people can see them as they attend Sunday church on Father’s Day. 

Preach about fatherhood

For the Sunday sermon on Father’s day, those in attendance with mixed feelings about their dads or those who want to be parents but aren’t should be specially acknowledged. Everyone should be reminded that we all are children of God, and we can look up to Him as the father figure we need. 

Host a special event

To get in the Father’s Day spirit, you could host a cookout after church for attending families. There are several other ideas to go for, such as a father-child breakfast at church on Saturday morning. You could also launch programs related to father’s day that men can attend all month long, such as men’s accountability groups, prayer time, and bible studies. 

You can use these father’s day invitation templates to quickly design custom invitations for those invited for the special father’s day event.

Where to advertise

Of course, it is always essential to create some hype before you plan a special event at church. Here are a few simple ways to go about it:

Use social media

Almost everyone nowadays uses social media, which is why you should use it to your advantage. Promote your church’s father’s day celebrations on platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. Besides using the hashtag you created, also put up a graphical post that outlines your Father’s Day Service. Ask people to share your conference graphics posts so that you may see some new faces in the crowd, which is always a delight.

Keep up the momentum by posting 3 to 5 times per week so people are up to date with your church’s schedule.

Advertise on your site

Many people check out a church’s website before visiting it. Share about the lovely things you have planned for Father’s day at church on your website. There are many ways to go about it:

  • You can add a graphic detailing the event on your homepage
  • Use the calendar feature to add the father’s day plans for the day (or even month).

These are just a few ideas to get your church started in celebrating all the awesome men in your congregation this Father’s Day! We can’t wait to hear what you do! 

Send out invitations

Receiving an invitation to an event feels more intimate and personal than seeing a post about it online. The members at your church will feel seen and cared for if they receive a beautiful-looking invitation from you. 

Making invitations for Father’s Day Sunday does not have to be difficult, time-consuming, or expensive. PosterMyWall has a wide variety of time-saving templates that you can use to create invitations at the best cost. 

Put a large poster outside your Church to inform pedestrians as they pass by your Church. Use our free online poster maker to create your Father’s day event poster in no time.

It’s a special day

There are various ideas for you to consider for Father’s day weekend at your church and how to make everyone feel included. Remember to keep everyone in mind, not just the thriving fathers but also spiritual fathers, grandpas, big brothers, and even those who aren’t entirely comfortable with the concept of fatherhood.

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