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A list of brand stationery that every young business needs

Every business needs a set of brand stationary in line with their brand. Read on to learn more and find templates for your use.

Brand stationery is one of the first things you need to look into when you establish your business. A good range of stationery adds a level of professionalism to your brand and instills confidence about your expertise in your clients. 

In this article, we’re sharing with you a list of brand stationery essentials for your business.

1. Invoices

Having a neat and professional invoice design is crucial for securing your client’s trust. A good invoice will have the company name and logo right on top. You should also include the client’s name, their company name, and any other relevant details related to the payment. 

Make sure that your invoice looks clean, readable, and to the point – essentially free of any unnecessary fluff. Check out PosterMyWall to get a customizable invoice design that you can tailor according to your needs. All you have to do is add your name and logo, and you’re good to go. This is especially useful for small businesses that have a minimal budget for stationery.

2. Letterheads

A company letterhead is an essential piece of stationery that you need as soon as your business is up and running. This is because everyday dealings around the office require paper that has the company letterhead. Want to send a memo? Sign an MOU? Offer a job or write a proposal? All of these things are done on letterhead paper.

Business letterheads make it easier to convey crucial information. You don’t have to add your company name, address, or contact information every time you write something new for work. It’s convenient, time-saving and it adds another layer of professionalism to your business.

Get started with these letterhead templates. Customize and add your company name and logo for a sleek and professional look. 

Pro tip: If you haven’t decided on a logo yet, try these informational technology logo to really step up your brand’s look.

3. Newsletters

Newsletters are a fun way to tell your employees, clients and any other interested parties what it is that your company has been upto. You can publish a newsletter monthly, bimonthly or annually. Either way, the idea is to keep people updated on all your business activities. Writing a newsletter is also a good way to keep track of your company’s progress, to see what you’ve been doing right, and what you could change.

Having said this, making a newsletter from scratch can be a tedious and time-consuming task. Sites like PosterMyWall have gorgeous newsletter templates that you can customize to fit your needs and company aesthetic. It’s super easy, and it can be incredibly fun to play around with all the different designs. 

4. Business cards

As a business owner, you will need business cards straight off the bat to connect with other leaders in your industry. Lobbying and making connections are imperative for a young business, and without business cards, it can be very awkward and inconvenient to provide contact information and have people reach out to you. 

Make your own business cards with the PosterMyWall business card creator. Choose from a range of gorgeous business card templates and customize the one you want within minutes. It’s easy and it’ll save you a ton of money! 

Keep things consistent with Brand Kits

Putting together branded colors on a daily basis is tedious business, which is why you can now easily save brand colors, fonts and visuals all in one place, thanks to Brand Kits.

Use Brand Kits to apply your branded colors, fonts and even add crucial images with the click of a button.

And there you have it! Establish your brand with these must-have stationery items to make your young business stand out from the crowd. 

When it comes to making brand stationery for your business, PosterMyWall has you covered. Make the most professional-looking letterheads and use business cards templates with our easy-to-use design tools.