Summer design guide: Make your designs pop!

Want your advertisements to ooze summer energy? Read this guide to get design suggestions, including fonts, stickers and more.

As summer approaches, marketers have an opportunity to jazz up their marketing techniques by creating designs that capture the true spirit of the season. So how do you create effective summer-themed marketing? To help, we’ve created a brief, easy-to-follow guide. 

Keep reading to discover six vibrant summer fonts to make your words stand out, three ideal colour-palettes to heat up your summer Instagram feed, and a dozen ideas for fun, engaging clip art to jazz up your designs. 

Fonts that scream SUMMER!

Including a font with a summery feel can completely change the way people perceive your design. The right font choice allows you to convey the excitement of a summer barbecue, the joy of a long-awaited summer vacation, and even the basic craving for a cool summer drink. We’ve created a shortlist of summer fonts to help you market your summer content effectively:

Mouse Memoirs

Emily’s Candy

Intro Inline Regular

Fugaz One

Caveat Brush


The ideal summer color-palette

The right color palette can add a summery ambiance to your designs. Make sure the colors you use for your poster, social media post, or invitation compliment the theme of your message and content. 

Whether it is an advertisement for some refreshing summer-time ice cream, an invitation to your much awaited summer bash, or simply a “Happy Summer” greeting post, it is absolutely essential that your color-scheme supports your central message. To make this easier for you, we’ve shared a shortlist of three of our favourite color palettes: 

Beach tones

When people think of summer, they think of the beach. Clear blue seawater, buff coloured sand, bright yellow rays of sun, and brightly tinted surfboards. 

For this reason, an ideal summer palette will mix subtle beach tones with vibrant shades of the primaries. Try shades of blue for your backdrop, shades of yellow to make your features stand out, and top it all off with a bold, vibrant headline font in a contrasting shade. This approach will ensure that your posts get the attention you’re aiming for. 

Grass tones

When summer heats up, most people find themselves seeking shady regions and cool breezes. 

This cool, refreshing ambiance can be recreated by using the right color shades in your designs. Try outdoor tones like a fresh grass-green, paired with other cooler green tones to give off that fresh backyard vibe. 

Pair these tones with a lemonade yellow for emphasis. 

Bright and bold

While neutral shades add balance to your work, nothing screams fun and excitement more than bright, vibrant, contrasting colors splashed across your design. 

Excite your audience by pairing neutral blue and green tones with a berry-red font, or a hint of bright orange. 

Shapes and stickers to jazz up your post

When creating a summer design, it is important that your visuals compliment your theme. And what better way to enhance your visuals than by applying fun stickers, images, and elements? 

Knowing when and where to add the right visuals is integral to making your marketing stand out and engage your audience. Summertime images and stickers that reflect the fun of the season are sure to get attention.

Adding clip art or animated stickers of pool toys and a beachy drink will help bring your poster to life. Inserting seasonal food images into your café advertisements will help trigger cravings. And nothing is more inviting than an icy drink or an ice cream cone on a hot summer day.

Try out one of our ice cream social templates if you really want party-goers know about your ice cream treasure trove.

So make use of stickers and clip art elements to add some extra pizzazz to your summer designs.

Summer fonts, hot seasonal color palettes, and fun stickers and clip art will go a long way in turning your designs into seasonal sensations.

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