How to work at home: 3 tips to spruce up your remote work routine

Working from home can be tough to manage. Follow these 3 simple tips on how to motivate yourself to be a productive remote worker.

Working from home has its fair share of advantages. Being able to work from your bed, in clothing you’re comfortable with, is a great benefit to many who are working remotely. However, it is this very freedom that can have its disadvantages as well. 

Working from your bedroom might be comfortable and freeing, but it doesn’t provide for the same productive environment that the office does. Being able to watch Netflix in between work deadlines may sound like a dream come true, but it’s a slippery slope from there to losing track of time and not noticing the day go by. 

While remote work can be great, It can be hard to stay motivated to do everything on time and in a productive manner. So how do you motivate yourself to stay productive throughout the work day without the office atmosphere to help you?

We’ve shortlisted 3 of the most efficient tips that have helped us stay motivated while we work from home. 

Build a workstation

Working in bed can be very tempting, but let’s face it; comfort doesn’t always equal productivity. Associating your bed with your work can often lead to interruptions in your sleep pattern and affect how well you work. 

Build your own dedicated workspace at home by shifting your work belongings to a separate, closed-off area as far away from your bed as possible. You can set up a desk and a chair in the corner of your living room, or make some extra use of your kitchen counter by converting it into a work desk. 

Make sure your workstation helps you optimize your productivity by keeping it clean and organized to your liking. Add a touch of your favorite color to the area, prop a plant at the edge of your desk, make sure the lighting is right, and you’ll have yourself a productive work space. 

One particularly helpful tip is to ensure that your workspace is comfortable enough for you to work at, while also being presentable enough for possible clients, guests, or meetings. Making your home office presentable for visitors allows you to associate it less with “home” and more with the office. 

Hang up some inspirational posters

The environment you surround yourself with has a great impact on how motivated you are to work. At home, we usually associate our environment with comfort, relaxation, and ease. While these are vital attributes, they don’t exactly scream productivity

Making little changes in your home environment can greatly increase your motivation to work. Adding a splash of color or just some creative words of wisdom to your current decor will help take away from that usual lazy home environment. 

The easiest way to go about it is hanging up a poster with your favorite quote on it, or placing a picture frame with some inspirational words on your desk. Having your favorite words hanging up in front of you as you work can make a significant difference in keeping you focused. 

The internet gives tons of options to download inspirational posters, and even make your own. Design your own inspirational posters with PosterMyWall to beautify your workspace with your favorite words and sayings. With a spruced up work area, your motivation levels are sure to go up. 

To give your work direction along with the inspiration, customize a daily planner design from PosterMyWall to create your own work schedule. Having a planner template on the handy helps you keep your priorities tasks in mind, allowing you to tackle one thing at a time.

Dress up

Staying at home can bring about a sense of laziness in us. The idea of working in our pyjamas might seem like the most ideal situation, but there is no denying that it affects our productivity. 

Getting up on time and dressing up for the day gives you the illusion that you’re going to work, which will help you escape the lazy atmosphere of your home. You don’t have to dress too formally. Simply changing into day clothes and getting ready for the day will do wonders for your motivation.  

Getting dressed for a work day, even if it’s at home, signals your brain that there is a shift in routine. The benefits of dressing up for your day of remote work are immense. Consider dressing for work at home the same way you would dress for a casual day out. Dressing up in a fun and stylish way will help make you feel better about your day. 

Working from home can be tough for many. It becomes hard to separate your work space from your free space. The easy-to-follow tips above will help you create little changes in your remote work routine so you can motivate yourself to be an efficient worker from the comfort of your home. 

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