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Throw the best 4th of July party with these simple tips

This 4th of July, learn how to throw the ultimate party with these 5 simple tricks.

Fourth of July parties are an American tradition that we wait for all year. As the date draws near, you may find yourself looking for some clever new ideas to make this year’s Independence Day celebration special.

If you need a fresh perspective on how to throw the ultimate patriotic bash, we have just the thing for you. From festive invitations to super-easy summer recipes, we have some suggestions that we think you’re going to love. 

Shortlisted below are 5 fun tips on how to throw a fun-filled Fourth of July party with your friends and family.

DIY themed decor

Make your own party decorations by using materials you find around your house. All you need are some red, blue, and white objects and a little creativity. Here are some suggestions:

Red, white and blue tableware 

Make your tabletop pop with a DIY table runner and utensils in classic red, white, and blue. You can use fabric, construction paper, or even crepe paper to fabricate your runner. Pair some blue paper plates with red cups to complete the look. Everyone will commend you for your creativity. 

4th of July mason jars 

Wrap some blue and red ribbon around your old mason jars and display them around the party for a pop of color. Fill them with white flowers, or use them to serve your favorite cocktail to your guests. 

Patriotic headwear for the kids

Set up a DIY corner for the children and invite them to make their own patriotic headbands and paper hats. Provide them with cardboard, scissors, paint, and glue–and the kids will entertain themselves for hours. 

Add new twists to your traditional menu 

Many people love the classic July 4th combination of hot dogs and hamburgers. But it’s also fun to shake things up a bit. Jazz up your menu with festive red, white, and blue cocktails. Adding star-shaped ice cubes to your guests’ drinks is another fun touch. 

You can even print out physical menus to go the extra mile. This is made easy with the various 4th of July themed menu templates you can use to create your menu in no time.

Wow everyone with new 4th of July appetizers  to have your party become the talk of the town. Pair up a white ranch dip with some bacon-wrapped sausage puffs, or go the healthy route with an avocado-based platter. Finish up your meal with either a traditional cherry pie or some festive red, white and blue jello shots. 

Keep the party going with some fun activities

4th of July celebrations are incomplete without some good, old-fashioned games to enjoy. You can go the traditional route and plan a sack race, a darts tournament, or a Cornhole competition. 

Alternatively, you can create your own unique set of 4th of July activities. Make your own 4th of July Bingo cards and have everyone compete to win a prize. Have your guests make their own Uncle Sam hats by setting up a DIY corner. These activities will keep your guests entertained throughout the day. 

Design your own invitations

The right invitation sets the tone for your party, so it is integral to choose the right color scheme, theme, font, and content. If you want something truly unique, design your own customized 4th of July invites to send out to your family and friends. 

Online design tools like PosterMyWall are your best friend when it comes to creating simple, easy designs on a budget. You can choose from a large range of 4th of July party invitation templates, and customize your invites to fit your own personal style. 

All you have to do is log in to PosterMyWall and choose a template. Then use the free editor tool to add your own elements. Choose a festive font, add in some splashes of red, white, and blue, and paste in any of your favorite stickers from PosterMyWall’s wide selection of clip art. Your invitation will be ready to go in no time. 

If you want your invites in multiple formats, PosterMyWall has you covered there, too. Use the one-click resize tool to resize your design for invitations, posters, or social media posts. 

Planning a party for a big holiday such as 4th of July can be challenging. With these simple tips, tricks and party flyer templates, you can plan a memorable event for your guests and have your party be the talk of the neighbourhood. 

New to PosterMyWall? Create your invite now and make your Fourth of July party a total hit.