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PosterMyWall live class: Build the ultimate digital signage playlist

In this PosterMyWall live class, our guest host Zied Ladhari, Manager, Channel Sales & Strategic Partnerships for Raydiant will share innovative ideas that will help you build the perfect digital signage playlist. Cherry on top, he will also share examples of 10 categories of content that will engage your customers and showcase your brand.

What sorts of content can you run on your digital signage? This week’s live class answered that question as special guest Zied Ladhari, shared a dozen examples of engaging digital signage content. 

Zied is manager of channel sales and strategic partnerships at Raydiant, one of PosterMyWall’s  digital signage partners. The Raydiant platform enables business owners and marketers to create and manage in-location experiences that drive sales and boost engagement

If you missed the class, you can watch the above replay. Or, if you prefer a summary of the highlights, read on to gather ideas you can use to create new content for your own digital displays. 

Share your menu or list of services

Sharing your menu or list of services is probably the most obvious way to use your digital display.

In addition to capturing attention and sharing information with customers, the benefit of a digital menu template created with PosterMyWall is how easy it is to change and update items. “You can change and make edits on the spot,” Zied said. All you need to do is open the PosterMyWall browser and make the alteration you want on your design, then upload the update to the Raydiant platform. The change will be updated on your display in real time. 

Upsell your customers to increase revenue

“Every business needs to upsell,” Zied said as he explained how easy it is to use digital signage to highlight add-on items or promote higher margin items. For instance, a restaurant could use its digital signage to promote its desserts or specialty beverages.  

Zied also pointed out how easy it is to reach drive-by and foot traffic by placing digital signage in your front window. “Window display is key!” Zied said. 

Make your customers laugh

Another interesting way to promote your product or service is to use humor or a relatable delema. Zied demonstrated this with a video that showed a man grasping his head in frustration after his car broke down. The message? It’s time to schedule an engine check so this doesn’t happen to you. 

When using humor, relatability is key if you want to connect with your customers. “A breakdown could happen to any of us, so we know how the man in the video feels,” Zied said. 

Showcase specials and promotions

Digital displays are a great place to communicate your daily specials and promotions.

One of the greatest features  of using digital signage is that you can schedule your content, say your dinner specials, to run only at a specific time of day. For instance, from 5:30 pm until 8:30 pm.

Promote your events 

One of the easiest ways to keep your customers coming back is to use digital signage to let them know about the great events you’ve got planned. From trivia nights to live music, your digital videos will do a lot of the work to keep your customers informed. 

Support a cause

Most businesses support a variety of causes and charities. Use your digital signage to let customers know what you support and what actions you’re taking to reaffirm this support. Be it through a fundraiser or a digital campaign, your audience will appreciate knowing what you care about – especially when you support the same causes as they do. 

Celebrate the season 

From panoramic scenery to holiday graphics, digital signage is a great way to recognize the seasonal events and celebrations in your customers’ lives. 

Support your local team

Show your customers that you’re as big of a sports fan as they are by creating digital graphics that showcase your support for your local sports teams. PosterMyWall’s thousands of pre-designed templates make it easy to show your enthusiasm for anything from youth and high school leagues to professional athletics.  

Recognize your employees 

Most companies have an employee of the month. But how do you recognize that employee’s hard work? 

A digital video poster with your employee’s photograph on it will have far more impact than a photograph hung on the wall. This public recognition shows your employees that you care and that their achievements are appreciated. Plus, customers love to see their favorite employees singled out for their hard work.

One of the benefits of creating an employee of the month video using a PosterMyWall template is that it can be quickly updated with a new employee’s photo every month. 

Honor your customers

A great way to make your customers feel special is to create custom greetings. From wishing someone a happy birthday to congratulating the spelling bee winner, your designs can be customized with your customers’ name, photo–and even custom video. 

Ask trivia questions

What’s more fun than an engaging trivia game?

This is a great idea for restaurants and bars that want to keep customers seated and continuously ordering–or even for a doctor’s waiting room. 

Customize your content with multiple features

Raydiant and PosterMyWall’s integration allows you to do much more than just create and publish graphics and videos. With Raydiant’s multi zone feature, it’s easy to display multiple pieces of content at once–or even add a QR code.

To learn more about the PosterMyWall Raydiant integration, visit the PosterMyWall website.