Feature Focus

Make your designs pop with a vibrant border outline

Want to make your images pop in your design? Add the new border outlines to add new life to your images.

You asked for this feature and at long last, it’s finally here! Use the new border outline effect add a colored outline to your images. Just a few simple clicks will add an extra oomph to your poster, and refine your images. 

Use outline borders to emphasize an image (or a set of images). Whether you’re introducing a new person to a team, or advertising a new product for your business, or creating a quirky Instagram Story, this tool can add a little something to your design.

Here’s how it works!

Step 1: Add an image to your design.

Step 2: Give it a shape. Choose from a range of options including oval, rectangle, gradient, curved, scratched, torn paper, and circular.

Step 3: Select outline border effect. This can be round, rectangular, you name it. 

Step 4: Choose a color for your border.

Step 5: Adjust the thickness of the border. 

And you’re done! Here are some designs that we loved.

With PosterMyWall, you can create gorgeous, seamless designs using the new outline border effect. Check out our newest features, get creative and try now.