How to print edge to edge on your printer

Flyer prints leaving unwanted borders? Read on to learn more about edge to edge and borderless printing via a home printer.

Most printers are not set by default to provide edge to edge printing. Instead printers will produce the image with white borders around it. To stop that, you can configure the printer, so that the images fits perfectly onto the whole of printing paper. 

Before setting up printing, make sure:

  • The images to be printed are of the same size or smaller than the printing paper.
  • Borderless setting might not be available on the printer, check before ordering in bulk. 

Depending on the printer model, you’ll need to look for the page layout settings, and change it from normal-sized to borderless. 

How to print edge to edge on your printer

The following page sizes work best for edge to edge printing.

  • 4 x 6
  • 5 x 7
  • 8 x 10
  • 11 x 14
  • 11 x 17
  • 13 x 19
  • 16 x 20
  • 17 x 22

Make sure to also check your printer’s specs before you get your paper stock.

How to print borderless with Windows

Once you have the right-sized pages, read on below to learn how to set up borderless printing on different printers.

On Canon:

  • Go to “Printing Preferences”. 
  • From here, go to “Page Setup”. 
  • You should see a section on that page called “Page Layout”. Choose “Borderless”, and then print. 

On Epson:

  • Go to “Printing Preferences”. 
  • Now go to “Main”.
  • From here, head to the “Page Settings” section. 
  • You’ll see two options – “Source” and “Size”. In Size, select “Borderless”. Now you may print. 

On HP:

  • Go to “Printing Preferences”. 
  • Head on over to the “Features” page. 
  • Here, you will see a section called “Paper Size Options”. Select “Borderless”, and print. 

How to print borderless with Mac

On Canon:

  • Open the “Print” dialogue in the File menu of your device.
  • Select your printer from the options given. 
  • Select “Borderless Printing”, and specify the paper size. 
  • Adjust the amount of extension with a slider i.e. based on how much content you want on the paper. 
  • Complete the setup by clicking “Print”. 

On Epson:

  • Open the “Page Setup” dialog box, after clicking on “Print” from the File menu.
  • Select “Stylus Photo RX420” for setting.
  • Adjust paper size and add a borderless setting.
  • Set the orientation (portrait or landscape).
  • Click OK to close.
  • Now click on “Print” from the File menu again, and select the Epson printer for printing.
  • Adjust print settings i.e. media type, color etc.
  • Start printing.

On HP:

  • Open the “Print” dialogue from the File menu.
  • Go to “Paper Handling”.
  • Check off the “Scale to Fit Paper Size” box.
  • Add your paper’s dimensions by clicking on “Destination Paper Size”.
  • If the dimensions allow for borderless printing, a second menu will appear on which you will select the “Borderless” option.

This is everything you need to know about borderless or edge to edge printing.

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