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Promote your yoga studio with this easy-to-follow social media guide

Learn how to create an effective social media presence for your yoga studio with this simple marketing guide.

Over the years, yoga has gained immense popularity and become a global phenomenon. For many yoga studio owners, it is often difficult to think of the relaxing, peaceful practice of yoga as a profit generating business. 

But the reality is that as a yoga studio owner, you need to keep your audience engaged and build a community. So how do you make sure you’re setting yourself apart in a crowded industry?

The best answer here is social media. The growing popularity of social media marketing has made it easier than ever to reach out to your customers. We all scroll through Instagram and Twitter in our free time. And who doesn’t love to indulge in YouTube videos? You can take over these online spaces with the right marketing strategy. 

How do you know if your marketing strategy is right? Every social media platform has its own unique features. We’ve shortlisted a selection of the most engaging social media platforms and provided some tips on how you can use them to reach out to your yoga studio clientele. 

Build a community on Facebook 

Facebook is one of the most widely used social media platforms in the world. With approximately 2.85 billion active monthly users in 2021, Facebook is the ideal place to reach out to potential customers. The site personalizes user experience so people with similar interests can find and engage with one another. Which is why it is important to have your own Facebook business page. 

What is a business page? 

It is a dedicated space on Facebook where your customers can be kept updated on your classes, workshops, and deals. It is a space that helps you build a community out of your customer base and interact with them on a regular basis. 

Making your own business page on Facebook is an easy task. All you have to do is follow these steps

  1. Sign up for a Facebook Yoga Business page. You can add some more specifications to attract the right audience. Selecting categories like Health, Beauty, or Fitness will help your target market find you more easily. 
  2. Choose the right profile and cover photos to make sure your customers find you approachable and interesting. 
  3. Make sure your customers can get all the details they need directly from your Facebook page. Add your contact details, a website URL if you have one, and a short description explaining what you do and what makes your yoga studio unique. 
  4. Customize your settings. You can set up an automatic response for your messages so that any potential customer reaching out to you will be answered immediately. You can also refine the settings to specify which audience you want to target. Let’s say you’re a yoga studio that targets women’s fitness, you can select a location, gender, and age-range to make sure your page is most visible to the audience you want to reach out to. 

With these simple steps, you’ll have your own Facebook Business page up and running in a matter of minutes. All you have to do now is keep up with those posts and make sure your community keeps on growing.

One effective way to do this is by creating your own digital flyers to put up on your page. With online design tools like PosterMyWall, you get free access to a range of yoga flyer templates that you can customize to your heart’s content. Use these flyer designs to promote your classes, deals, and much more. 

For some inspiration on how to get started on Facebook, you can look up studios like Yogamoo that have a great following and are consistent with keeping their audience engaged through interesting content. 

Create engaging content on Instagram

With an expected following of up to 120 million monthly active users, Instagram is the best place to find new customers. And the first step is to make sure you’re creating the right content. 

This is easier than it seems. You can create a fantastic Instagram page just by photographing your own studio and classes. 

Make sure your images are curated, i.e. they follow a specific theme and are directly identifiable with your brand. If you’re focused on helping your clients find inner harmony through yoga, create a feed that reflects that through a muted color scheme, organic photography, and calming images. Add the right captions to match the vibe of your posts. 

A good example of this is Chroma Yoga, a yoga studio that makes use of color, sound, and scent to engage its clients. Their instagram feed is a set of curated images centred around showcasing color and contrast to enhance the yoga experience. It shows that content doesn’t necessarily have to be original to be creative and eye-catching. 

Instagram is also a great place to showcase eye-catching graphic design content. Whether you want to add a fitness poster to your feed or save it in your highlights to be seen at the top of your page, you can create content to market all your deals. 

You don’t need to be a design expert or empty your bank account. With PosterMyWall, you can easily get access to a variety of yoga posters that you can customize according to your specifications. Customize a poster template showcasing your workshop schedule and put it up on your story, or make separate posters for each workshop and make your own highlight so that your followers can’t miss it. 

Now you can publish your poster to Instagram directly through PosterMyWall. Simply create your design, then click on “Publish” and choose the “Social Media” option to post immediately to your Instagram Business account. It’s fast and easy!

Create a YouTube channel

There’s no better place to create an online yoga presence than YouTube. You can create your own YouTube channel to give your clients a virtual teaser of what your studio offers. Set up your account and create a new channel to start your own yoga YouTube channel. 

Match your channel to your brand identity with engaging and eye-catching channel art. Create a header that showcases your studio name and brand logo. Use video thumbnails that match with your header. Create a uniform identity for your channel by using a color scheme that goes with your identity as a yoga studio and is easily recognizable as yours. 

Engage your followers by talking about what you have to offer, and how your yoga studio will enrich their lives. Sarah Beth Yoga is a popular yoga channel that offers a mantra for yoga and teaches a range of workouts. 

You can also make video profiles for all of your yoga instructors and have them talk about what unique yoga poses they will be teaching their clients. This will add more reliability to your studio’s reputation and help you maintain a positive brand image. 

Create short form content on TikTok

TikTok is one of the most growing social media platforms today. Everyone either uses TikTok directly or watches TikTok videos posted on other platforms. As a budding business owner looking to make a mark on social media, it is integral for you to take note of all growing trends and stay on top of the game. 

Make a yoga-focused TikTok account where you can create and share short, engaging videos. Use it to promote studio workshops by posting short teaser videos. Create a campaign to post a yoga pose of the day.  Encourage clients and followers to engage by starting a TikTok contest for the best attempt at recreating a yoga pose and awarding the winner with a special discount. 

Yoga gurus like ProYogaExperts have formed a significant following on TikTok through their engaging and rhythmic yoga videos. 

Update and share news on Twitter

Twitter is known for encouraging interactive discourse between people. And for a yoga studio, what better place to announce updates and news about yoga? Twitter acts as a sea of information. The key is to get people to focus on you without engaging in longform content. 

If you’re rebuilding your studio, announce it on Twitter. Start a discourse by sharing interesting yoga facts. Be quick to retweet any fitness and yoga related tweets to stay on top of the conversation. 

Most importantly, use the right hashtags. Hashtags help sort content so that it specifically reaches your target audience. Tap into the twitter health and fitness community and see what hashtags keep their tweets trending. Use those hashtags for your tweets to keep yourself relevant. 

You can also retweet other businesses and have them retweet or mention you out of social media etiquette. This is a great way to form connections for future partnerships and gain access to each other’s following. 

Trinity Yoga Studio keeps their Twitter account up-to-date by posting quick updates and retweeting relevant personalities. They also use Twitter to promote their Instagram posts, encouraging their clients to follow them on more than one platform. 

Which platform best suits your studio?

Marketing a yoga studio in a competitive market is no easy task. But social media has brought out some great opportunities for promotion. Each platform has its own unique attributes that can help you stand out among your competitors. Facebook is great for building communities, while TikTok helps you engage your followers in creative ways. 

In truth, you can’t just choose one platform over the other and expect it to work for you. Social media marketing includes a range of tools and techniques, and to be an effective marketer you should know how to utilize them all. 

Make your presence known in more than one place to claim your space in this saturated market. Observe your following closely and find the right mix of tools for your marketing strategy. This guide will help you take that first step toward optimizing your online presence so you can engage your clients in new, unique ways. 

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