Feature Focus

Using text just got more exciting: Introducing new textbox updates

We’ve made some exciting new updates to the textbox feature for users. Read on to find out more.

At PosterMyWall, we strive to improve your designing experience everyday. This is why we’re constantly introducing fun new updates to our editor to enhance your designing experience. 

This time around, we’ve made some new and exciting changes to the classic textbox. Now you can do so much more with the text you add to your design to make it even more visually appealing.

Here are the updates we’ve brought in:

1. Gradient background

You asked and we delivered. Now you can add a mesmerizing gradient background to the text you add to your design. You can add a radial or a linear gradient background, depending on what your preference is.

2. Vertical alignment

Now you can align your text automatically with the click of a button. Sounds neat, right? 

Position the text the way you want to, and then align it either upwards or downwards. This will save you a lot of time that you would have otherwise spent doing it manually.

3. Shadow for your text

Make your text pop by adding shadow to it. You can add a light or a strong shadow. In addition to this, you can also customize the degree of shadowing according to your preference.

What’s more – you have the option to add shadow to the text box as a whole and the text itself simultaneously.

Get started 

Start working on your new design, and try out these updates. Here’s how to get started.

Step 1: Find a template you like and open it in the editor. 

Step 2: Click on the text you want to edit. You should see options to align vertically, add a gradient background, and add a shadow. Make your customizations.

Step 3: Click on the “Download” button on the top right corner to download and publish your content.

New to PosterMyWall? Try out the textbox updates and create a gorgeous design in no time.