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How Beatrice Gonzalez uses PosterMyWall to enhance classroom learning

Find out how Beatrice, an educational technology trainer uses PosterMyWall to facilitate student learning, create promotions and more.

Beatrice Gonzalez, an educational technology trainer based in Texas, is on a mission to help teachers and students enhance learning through technology. “Technology helps kids showcase their talents in new ways that never existed before,” she says.

Beatrice was a history teacher and an educational consultant for over 15 years before she refocused on technology training. Technology, she says, is an integral factor in enhancing teaching and learning. Beatrice also runs a YouTube channel, Mrstalktechie, where she shares her expertise on how educators can use technology to enhance students’ learning experience. 

One tool Beatrice highly recommends is PosterMyWall. “I started thinking about how PosterMyWall could help, not just teachers, but everyone in the education system to enhance their skills,” Beatrice says. “Everyone and anyone can use PosterMyWall.”

Beatrice recommends the following ways to make learning more interactive through PosterMyWall:

Enhance educator teaching

PosterMyWall gives educators the opportunity to make teaching more engaging and interactive. ”Vibrant, attention-grabbing charts and posters always make it easier for students to learn,”  Beatrice said. With PosterMyWall, teachers no longer have to make charts by hand and can create professional quality graphics in a matter of minutes. 

Making graphics, such as anchor charts that are used to support instruction during a lesson, are now easier than ever. “I taught teachers how to make charts tailored to their academic curriculum using PosterMyWall and they fell in love with it,” Beatrice said. 

“Anchor charts were always a requirement, but now we get to have nicer ones.”

Beatrice says librarians can benefit from PosterMyWall as well. 

Using PosterMyWall templates is a fast and easy way to promote assigned reading lists and to encourage students to read. 

Promote student learning

Many educators have discovered that online tools are a great way for students to show what they’ve learned in class. 

Beatrice suggests asking students to use PosterMyWall to create cover art for the novels they read in English class, or to create an infographic to showcase what they have learned in history class. 

“PosterMyWall makes it so easy for the kids to showcase their learning,”  Beatrice said. 

PosterMyWall allows both teachers and students to create their own accounts free of cost, and get access to a wide range of design options for all their needs. 

Teachers can also ask their students to design posters about themselves as part of an interactive classroom activity. Activities like this enable your students to express themselves in creative ways and get to know each other better.  

Facilitate school communications

Schools often have a lot of information to share with students, parents, and other stakeholders. Tools like PosterMyWall make it easier to share this information in more effective ways. “I recommend PosterMyWall to the nurses, counsellors, administrators–everyone,” Beatrice said.

School counselors, for instance, can create graphic posters to make students aware of their services. Or administrators can notify parents about early release dates by creating fliers or social media posts. When there is too much information to include in a single graphic–or when there are related forms–it’s easy to provide access to a pdf file or link to a website by adding a QR code to a design. 

PosterMyWall is also a great way to create headlines and images for both print and online newsletters. 

Promote school events

Schools host many events during the academic year. From school plays and recitals to interschool sports matches, each event needs to be promoted.

PosterMyWall makes it easy to promote school events through multiple channels. You can create a poster to advertise the next football game, then use the one-size resize tool on PosterMyWall to convert your poster to flyer size for distribution around the school. Resize again, and you’ll create a social media-sized graphic to post to Facebook, Instagram–and even on your website.

“PosterMyWall has benefitted librarians, drama teachers, coaches, and many others,” Beatrice said. The tool allows anyone to practice their design skills and create the best graphics for their school. 

Technology will always play a significant role in education. And to make the most out of technology, educators like Beatrice Gonzalez will continue to enhance their teaching methods using tools like PosterMyWall.