How to design the perfect flyer

Looking to create the perfect flyer to promote your big event? Here are 6 strategies that will help you design a flyer like a pro.

Despite the prevalence of new-age digital marketing techniques, flyers remain one of the most popular ways to promote businesses and events. And that’s because they work. A good flyer will get your audience to engage with you, and provide them with all the information they need to do so.

With the right flyer, you can successfully advertise your business while building brand awareness. Of course, most small businesses can’t afford to hire someone to make flyers for them. Luckily, the PosterMyWall flyer maker will help you create the perfect flyer.

And if you don’t know where to start, don’t worry. In this article, we’ll teach you how to create a professional looking flyer that will wow your audience. 

1. Make your flyer content digestible

Your flyer must be easy on the eyes of the person who’s reading it. People will normally spend just seconds scanning your flyer, and if you come at them with too many words or pictures, you’ll lose them in an instant. 

Because creating a free flyer online is easy, there may be a tendency to get carried away. However, always remember to say more with fewer words. And leave empty space on your flyer to make your content stand out. 

Also make sure to limit font choices. In fact, stick to two fonts for the whole copy. Uniformity is more visually appealing and less messy, and this is something your viewer will appreciate. 

2. Add all important information clearly

On a flyer, there is no space for guesswork or vagueness. Be as direct as possible with your viewer. Don’t give them an option to stop and think about what your content means because that’s all the time it takes for them to lose interest.

Instead, your flyer should display all necessary information that your audience needs to know clearly and concisely. Some information that your flyer must have includes the address, the date, the time, and contact information in case someone has more questions.

With the PosterMyWall free flyer maker or a template, it is incredibly convenient to fill in this information wherever there is space for it.

Take a look at this design by TNT Graphics. It clearly mentions the dates, names, and the addresses of the events they’re promoting. The article is free of fluff and it’s arranged in such a way that there is still plenty of space around the written content to keep it visually pleasing. 

3. Have a clear focus point

Your focus point is the piece of text or image that will first grab your audience’s attention. It will be visible even from a distance, and will essentially lure a person closer so they can read the rest of the information.

Hence, your focus point needs to be effective. Normally, the focus point is the event name. However, depending on what you’re promoting, you can also make a date, place, or a tagline your focus point. 

Your flyer design should be such that your focus point is at the very top. This is because people tend to read from the top down so naturally, that’s the place their eyes will go to first. 

Alternatively, you can situate your focus point on the center of the page. But in this case, it will have to be in big, bold letters so that a person’s eyes are drawn directly to it as soon as they look at the flyer. 

Consider this design by Renee Walls. The focus text here, meant to grab people’s attention, is “Raffle Tickets”. This is why it is placed at the very top, and has the largest font. When a viewer inches closer, they will read the details given below, something they would have never got to without the focus text.

4. Include a call to action

A call to action is the thing that binds your content together and makes it meaningful. Without it, your audience will have no idea what to do with the information you’ve given them.

A call to action says things like “Shop now!” or “Get your tickets now!”. It essentially creates a sense of urgency and tells the reader that he or she has to do something immediately.

Normally, calls to action are situated at the very bottom of the flyer. This gives your reader a chance to go through all the necessary information before deciding whether or not they want to follow through on the call. 

Feel free to browse through our free flyer templates to get a better sense of call to action texts. 

5. Play around with colors

Humans are visual creatures. Therefore, bright, pleasant colors will go a long way in attracting them towards your flyer. 

However, make sure to not overdo it. Typically, two main colors should be enough to grab your audience’s attention. The colors you choose should also be in contrast to one another – for instance, pink and blue, or yellow and purple. Each color should highlight a particular thing on your flyer, and should complement all the text and images you use. PosterMyWall’s online flyer maker will help you mix and match different colors to get to the ones you want. 

When you print your flyer, print it in color. It will be slightly more costly than a black-and-white option, however, you’ll also be far more likely to get more eyes on it. 

This design by Renee Walls gives an idea of how two contrasting colors (green and blue) can make your flyer more effective.

6. Highlight your brand

A flyer is also a great way to raise brand awareness. If your flyer style is similar every time, it will become recognizable even from a distance.

So add your brand logo, colors, and signature font to your flyer via the PosterMyWall flyer maker. Your visuals should be representative of your company. In this way, you’ll be able to create a name for yourself. At the same time, you’ll be establishing certain expectations that people will have from you. 

Brand messaging on a flyer also ensures that your reader isn’t going in blind when they first come across your flyer. They will have some preconceived notions about your company which you can then build on with the content in your flyer. 

Final thoughts

Whenever you design a flyer, keep in mind that the purpose of it is to get your target audience to take a particular action. Your goal is to do everything possible to convince them that you are worth their time. 

And if you execute these strategies perfectly, you’ll be able to do just that. PosterMyWall’s flyer maker allows you to create seamless designs and customize existing templates to make the perfect flyer for your promotion. 

Here are some of our favorites to inspire you:

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