5 ways to get creative with the masking tool

Make the most of PosterMyWall’s masking tool with these fun and creative ways to mask your images freehand, with shapes, and with text.

Masking is an exciting editing tool you can use to incorporate text and images into your designs in a fun and professional way. It allows you to get creative and think outside the box, then wow your audience. 

There’s no single, correct way to mask your designs. Instead there are plenty of ways to creatively mask your designs. This blog post outlines them all. 

Masking freehand

The PosterMyWall editor allows you to seamlessly mask photos in a professional and visually appealing manner. All you have to do is use the tiny blue joints on the left side of your screen to crop the image any way you want to. 

Here are some ways you can get creative with this.

1. Compositing

Create a stunningly masked image by combining two photos and allowing them to complement each other. The first image you upload onto your design should remain untouched. The second image should be masked freehand and placed on top of the first.

This technique lets you bring the most prominent elements of two different images together, so you end up with one image that looks absolutely incredible. Take a look at the design below. The image of the grill is composited onto the image of the fire and leaves underneath through masking. The final image is an eye-catching blend of both images, which gives a feel of an exciting barbeque weekend.

2. Remove background

Remove background is available as part of the Premium and Premium Plus subscription plans

The PosterMyWall editor allows you to remove the background of your image so that you’re free to focus on the nitty gritty. When you’re able to hone in on each detail of the image to mask effectively, you’ll end up with a masked image that looks much more professional and streamlined.

Take a look at these designs that have used the freehand masking technique. Adding images of people, i.e. not perfect shapes, becomes incredibly convenient with the freehand option.

Masking with shapes

You can turn your images into a whole range of different and exciting shapes from star to banner to cloud. Choose what works for your theme or get creative with the tools at your disposal. 

If you’re having trouble getting started, watch our tutorial on masking with shapes and masking with photos.

3. Invert masking

When you’re masking your image with a particular shape (and there are plenty to choose from), you can make your final image really pop by inverting the mask. Rather than removing the image from the side, this will remove the image from the center in the shape of your choosing.

This allows you to get extra creative with your design. Use the spaced center to add another image or text. The image on the side will be able to complement the one in the center.

4. Color pop

Color pop is a tool that allows you to add color to one particular section of the image. This can be the center in the shape you want, or the periphery if you choose to invert the mask as well. 

With color pop, you can give your design an extra oomph by making one part of the image your main focus. This is ideal for designs that are more somber in nature, for instance, a poster for a motivational talk or discussion. 

Here are a couple more examples of designs that are masked with shapes. As you can see, the shapes allow for neat segmentation so that the design looks more seamless.

Masking with text

Masking your image with text allows you to make your announcements in a unique and exciting way. But what if you want to take it a step further? Well, we have a creative solution for you.

If you’re not sure about where to start, watch our tutorial on masking with text

5. Add gradient filled text to your design

Gradient images are typically a fun, flashy addition to your design. However, if there’s too many overlapping colors on your poster, it can be distracting or too overwhelming for the viewer.

This is where gradient filled text comes in. All you have to do is choose a gradient image you really like. Now add it to your design. Next, take the photo you want to mask and mask it with text using our editor. Make sure this image is placed right on top of the old one. Be strategic so that the gradient image can’t be seen except for through the text.

Choose a fun, wacky font for your text that will complement the gradient filled text you’ve created. 

Gradient background can be too blinding for people. But gradient filled text, created through masking, is a much nicer alternative. And it’s perfect for people who love to add a splash of color to their designs. 

Here are some designs that have incorporated masking with text to inspire you to get creative.

As you can see, with masking, you can let your imagination run wild. So take advantage of this tool and get creative. If you’re interested, find out more about photo and video masking.

New to PosterMyWall? Try out these strategies on our masking tool and seamlessly create a professional-looking design. Learn how to be a pro designer.