30 modern fonts to bring life to your poster

We made a list of modern day typefaces for every mood and moment. Most of these fonts are free, give them a try.

Note: Uploading Custom Fonts is only available to PosterMyWall Premium and Premium Plus subscribers.

Fonts come in all shapes and sizes, and while picking a font that works for you can be daunting, you can always experiment and ask others how your chosen font goes with your design. Fonts come in 4 categories:

  • Sans Serif
  • Serif
  • Cursive/script
  • Display

We will look at examples of these fonts, especially the ones that are more “modern” than others. While modern fonts don’t have a clear-cut definition, it’s generally used to describe the more recently created fonts with their long horizontal serifs and high contrast between their thick and thin strokes. 

We’ll look at some of the neat fonts you can download and upload into the editor. Most of these are free, though some have to be purchased, but you can always find easy alternatives. 

1 . Moon


Free for personal use. 

Simple, rounded and a great pick for headers and minimalist posters! Get it from Behance

2 . Coco Gothic

Coco Gothic

Free for personal use. 

Named after the legendary fashion designer, Coco Chanel. This geometric font is all about class. It’s light-weight, elegant and comes with language support for many European languages, Cyrillic and Greek alphabets.

Get it from Behance

3 . Iceland


Free for personal use. 

A simple, yet magical geometric font. You can download it for free and use it in designing animations too. 

Get it from Behance.

4. Break


Free for commercial and personal use. 

Created by Rajesh Rajput, Break is a decorative font which comes in 5 weights. It’s great for headers, and has a feminine vibe to it.

Download from Behance.

5. Argon


Free for personal use; buy complete package for $8. 

Have you used the Monoton font on PosterMyWall? Argon is a similar display font, but with a more sporty look. It will look great as titles on your sports or travel posters. Check it out at Behance

Download for free here

6. Helsinki


Free for personal use; e-mail address required. 

Helsinki comes in 2 extreme weight options. The ultra-thin hairline weight and heavy ultrablack weight are available for free at Behance

Download from here

7. Anurati

Free for commercial and personal use. Registration required. 

This futuristic font was originally created for website design, but that doesn’t stop us from trying it out in designing other visual content. It’s a great match for nightclub or EDM posters, especially the spacey kind

Download it from here.

8. Radon

Purchase for $19. 

A font for Cyberpunk enthusiasts, inspired from neon signs and text editors. The font has 552 unique glyphs, 18 styles and supports Cyrillic and Latin.

Download from here.

9. Infinity


Free download for personal use. Registration required.

Infinity celebrates the simplicity of lines and curves with round corners and caps. This creates a font that’s pleasing to look at on paper, and therefore looks good on print media. 

Download it from here

10. Metropolis


Free download for personal and commercial use.

Metropolis is a display font reminiscent of the 1920s industrial movement when large skyscrapers were erected. Its solid disposition and double-lined nature makes it an eye-catching wonder of a font.

Free download from here.

11. Rex


Free download for personal and commercial use. 

A clean and bold display font that comes in 3 styles. It’s great for both web graphics and print media. 

Download from Font Fabric.

12. Sketchetik


Free download for personal and commercial use. 

Looking for a raw, natural look to your designs? Give Sketchetik a shot. 

Get it from Myfonts

13. Jaapokki


Free download for personal and commercial use.

Once you’re done browsing through the super impressive website, you’ll notice a download link at the bottom of the page. It is a unique font, and comes in 3 distinct styles, making it perfect for posters and logos. We highly recommend the Enchance style. 

14. Lombok

Available for purchase for personal and commerical use. Purchase for $9.90.

An avantgarde novelty font that produces a feeling of exclusivity. Even though it’s not free, it’s well-worth the purchase if you’re looking for something a little out there. 

Get it from Behance

15. Brandon Grotesque

Brandon Grotesque

Available for purchase for personal and commercial use.

Grotesque fonts are Sans Serif fonts, which are bold and solid, suited for headers and advertisements. 

Get it from Fontspring.

16. Della Respira

Della Respira

Free download for personal and commercial use.

Della Respira is a revival of the 1913 Della Robbia typeface. It’s a Serif font, and carries with it a classic look unlike the previous fonts on our list. 

Download from Google fonts.

17. Modernist


Regular package available for free. Pay for more font styles. 

Modernist is clean, minimalist and modern (duh) and takes its inspiration from some of the older but widely used fonts, such as Helvetica. It’s easy to read nature makes it good even at lower sizes, and a good pick for ebooks.

18. Black Jack

Free download for personal and commercial use.

A fantastic script font with a great personality, use this font to express character in menus, posters and flyers. Get it from Fontsquirrel

19. Cabin

Available for free on PosterMyWall

Simple and elegant, Cabin is a Sans Serif font that excels in displaying information clearly. It’s a favorite among designers at PosterMyWall. Pair it with a good display or Serif font as a header, and Cabin as the supporting text.

20. Unique

Free download for personal and commercial use.

A novelty display font, with a bit of everything. It’s retro, flashy and works well with logos and headings. It’s unique!

It comes with full support for many European languages too. Download for free from 1001fonts.

21. Calligraffiti

Free download for personal and commercial use.

A script font created with the inspiration of Calligraphy and the mind-altering properties of Carlos Santana’s music!

Download it from Google fonts

22. Zelda


Free for personal use. Pay for commercial use.

A Sans Serif font that comes in 5 different styles. It looks great as headers and for logo designing, because of it’s unique glyph design. 

Get it from Behance

23.Brunswick Black

Brunswick Black

Available for purchase for personal and commercial use.

Brunswick Black is a rich display font, designed for creating headers with an impact. 

Download from Myfonts.

24. Autour One

Free download for personal and commercial use.

Autour One is a display font with a soft touch to it. The edges are rounded and minor one directional embellishments help enhance it’s beauty.

Download from Font Squirrel.

25. Quicksand


Free download for personal and commercial use.

Looks great on brochures, pamphlets and posters. Use this elegant Sans Serif font to lay out neat paragraphs of text.

Download from Font Squirrel.

26. Exo 2.0

Free download for personal and commercial use.

From the creator of Exo and Cinzel font families, both of which are popular. Exo 2.0 is a re-work of the geometric Exo font, and it offers a more futuristic feel to it, while retaining its elegance. 

Download from Google fonts.

27. Canaro


Available for purchase for personal and commercial use.

Canaro comes in 9 different weight varieties, and an even larger glyph variety. It’s a pretty font, and a good alternate to Open Sans.

Get it from Behance.

28. Farray


Free download for personal and commercial use.

An interesting Sans Serif font, with the F’s and the R’s that grab everyone’s attention. Great for headings. 

Get it from Behance.  

29. Feral


Free download for personal and commercial use.

Express the evil and the twisted. This font is just the thing you need for a Halloween themed flyer

Get it from Behance.

30. Boomtown Deco

Boomtown Deco

Free download for personal use. E-mail for commercial license. 

Inspired by tall buildings, and reminiscent of industrial cities (with a slice of steampunk), Boomtown Deco works well on movie posters. The retro design is a good addition to most headers. 

This completes our list for modern fonts that you can incorporate in your designs. Try them out in your next designs and see what sticks.

Now, you can easily browse through font options and pick a font that’s on-brand. In the editor’s right sidebar, you’ll find the option to search for a specific font or filter and search for fonts based on category. Find out more here.

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