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Multiple resize: An essential tool for social media marketers

Resize your design multiple times with a single click and share them on social media platforms seamlessly with PosterMyWall’s free resize tool.

Creating quality content for your marketing channels, including social media, email and website is a lot of work. To save time and maintain quality, resizing and reusing content is necessary. It also saves you from the effort of creating your content from scratch. 

PosterMyWall solves this by providing the resize tool for free. You can now take this a step further and use the new multiple resize tool to create resized copies of your design for every medium with just the click of a button. 

How can you use multiple resize? 

If you’re a digital marketer of any stripe, a small business owner or any individual with something to sell, multiple resize is just for you. Suppose: 

  • You’ve just designed a flyer to promote your next gig at a local bar and you’re not content with just getting printouts and pasting it around your locale. You use multiple resize to easily resize the flyer to share on your Instagram Story, your Facebook fan page and your next email to fans. 
  • You’re opening a new store in a new area and you just made a social media post to announce that. You want more people to know about your store opening so you use multiple resize to create banners, posters, handout flyers and online ads that compliment your social media post. 

Using multiple resize

To multiple resize your design, open your design in the PosterMyWall editor, and on the top menu, click the blue resize button. 

Multiple Resize gif.gif

Simply click your preferred design sizes, and then click ‘copy & resize’. Your original design will remain unaltered. Instead, the new resize copies will be opened on separate tabs on your browser for you to use. 

Learn more about resizing via this quick guide:

Ready to create awesome designs for all your social media platforms? Try it out on one of your existing designs!