Feature Focus

A new way to share: download and publish designs all from one place!

PosterMyWall’s download menu has downloading and publishing options that allow you to share your designs seamlessly with your audience.

Once you’ve finished your design on PosterMyWall, the last thing you want to do is go through a bunch of menus to download and publish your design online

That’s why you can now find all your download and publishing needs all in one place! 

The new download menu has a number of exciting options to simplify your post-designing tasks. 

Download and publish from one place

Downloading your design

The download menu allows you to download your design as:

  • A basic image – this is free and is great for personal use or to draft prints. This image will have a small PosterMyWall watermark on it
  • A standard image – this is ideal for online use and flyers and will cost you $2.99 if you have a free account
  • A high-res image – this is perfect for printing large posters and banners. This will cost you $7.99 if you have a free account 

If your design is in video format, you can download it as:

  • A basic video – this is free and will run for 21 seconds. It will also have a PosterMyWall watermark attached
  • An HD video – this is perfect for social media and digital displays. You can download it in MP4 format or as a GIF. It will cost you $14.95 if you have a free account
  • A 4K video – this is an incredibly high-resolution video that will cost you $24.95 if you have a free account. Work best on 4K screens

All image downloads are free for Premium users. All image and video downloads are free for Premium Plus users. Use credits to purchase videos on the Premium plan.

You can also re-download any previously bought designs for free. Click the “download options” button to get downloads in other file formats or sizes. 

Publishing your design

Through the download menu, you can publish your design directly from PosterMyWall on any online platform you want. Here are the publishing options available to you:

  • Social media – post your design on Twitter and/or Facebook
  • Email – create a new email campaign and send emails with your design in bulk to your list directly through PosterMyWall
  • Digital signage – publish your design on digital signage screens
  • Publish as webpage – publish your design online and receive a shareable link for it
  • Embed in webpage – add your design to a particular blog or webpage
  • Social media link – share a link to your design on Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter

How to download your design

Once you’ve customized your design, click on the yellow “Download” option on the top right of the editor (inside the blue bar). 

This will open up your download menu. Now you can either download your design or publish it online. 

If you need help publishing your design on social media, check out our step-by-step instructions on publishing your design on social media via PosterMyWall. Now you can also publish your poster to Instagram directly through PosterMyWall. Simply create your design, then click on “Publish” and choose the “Social Media” option to post immediately to your Instagram Business account. It’s fast and easy!

Start designing your next big promotion today and share it with the world!