Feature Focus

Collaborate and create with Teams for PosterMyWall Premium

Collaborate with team members and create beautiful designs with PosterMyWall’s Teams feature available to Premium and Premium Plus users.

Note: This feature is available on the PosterMyWall Premium and Premium Plus plans only.

Collaborate with your work colleagues by using Teams. It’s fast, easy, and convenient, and it’ll streamline your designing and collaboration process tremendously.

What is Teams?

Teams simplified communication between team members, so you can get work done smoothly.

Streamline the design process by using your dedicated ‘Team Space’, where you can share, provide and get feedback and store promotional content easily.  

Billing is also simplified, so that only your team administrator can handle the purchasing and renewing of your subscription. Every time a new team member is added, the bill will go to the administrator. 

Finally, you and your team members can use Credits to download videos (if they’re on the Premium plan) and designs from Getty Stock, as well as email sends and background removes. 

We’ve outlined these options in more detail below. Here’s everything you need to know about Teams in PosterMyWall. Let’s take a look!

Add and remove team members

You can add team members to your team easily in a few simple steps. Start by heading over to your Premium billing page, and click on “Invite Team”. 

A dialog box will pop up that will allow you to invite members to your team. You can invite multiple members at once by entering their email addresses. If you want, you can also add a custom message by clicking on “Add a personalized message”.

Click “Send invitations” to invite all your team members to your team.

Remember that invitations are valid for five days only. After that, they will have to be re-sent.

You can add a total of 20 team members to your team. If you want to add more, reach out to us on our support page, let us know more about your organization, and we’ll be happy to increase the limit for you.

If at any point, you’d like to remove a team member from your team, you can do that by heading over to the Premium billing page. 

Click the small trash can icon beside the team member you’d like to remove. Confirm team member removal by clicking the tick icon. If you don’t want to remove the team member, click the cross icon instead. 

What team members can do with their access

By being on a team, members can perform certain actions, however, some actions may be restricted for administrator use only. Here are some things you can do as a team member:

  • Create a design on PosterMyWall, and share it to the Team Space
  • Edit or copy a design saved in the Team Space (editing access will be required) 
  • Download a design in high resolution or use Credits to purchase a download

The following are things you cannot do only as an administrator:

  • Purchase Credits or pay for the subscription. 
  • Invite other team members
  • Edit designs that are not given editing access in the Team Space. However, a team member can still make a copy and edit that design

Sharing content in Team Space

To share a design to Team Space, click the downward-facing arrow on the design you’d like to share in your My Stuff. In the expanded options, select “Share design”. 

In the share dialog, you may change your design name, and use your team option to change the share settings. By default, your design’s share settings are set to “not shared”.

Change it to “Can View” to make the design available for view in Team Space. This way, other team members will not be able to edit the design, but they will be able to make a copy and customize it. They can also get a high-resolution download of the design. 

Alternatively, change it to “Can Edit” to make the design available for editing in Team Space. In this setting, if someone edits the design, they will also be editing the original design. Members will also be able to make a copy of the design and get a high-resolution download. Changes to the copied design will not affect your original design.

Making folders

You can create folders in your Team Space, and they’ll be available to all team members. You cannot share your personal folders (in your My Stuff), however you can share individual designs from those folders.

Simply create a folder in your Team Space, and then move individual designs from your personal folders so that your team members can view them. 

Be careful while deleting folders from Team Space. Once you delete a folder, you cannot recover it. However, individual designs will still be available in team members’ My Stuff section. 

Getting and using Credits

Finally, let’s talk about Credits. Credits allow you to purchase Background Removal uses as well as Email Sends for your email campaigns.

Only the team administrator can purchase Credit Packs. Free monthly Credits and additional Credits bought via Credit Packs are shared between team members and can be used by them. 

You can view the Credits available to your team on your Premium billing page. Team members are also allotted a fixed number of free Credits every month.

And that’s everything you need to know about Teams in PosterMyWall. So pick your dream team, and start designing today!