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6 scary sound effects to make your Halloween graphics even spookier

Want to create your own fun Halloween invitation? Check out our new invitation templates with spooky audio soundtracks to create hype for your Halloween event.

Static, silent advertisement material can get old real fast. With videos being becoming easily accessible, you can also go the extra mile by adding your own audio, or even a stock audio, without additional burden on your wallet.

These videos are easy to customize, just add your details (using the text boxes), adjust your audio, and find more via the stock audio options. Download and share on your social media account, and give everyone a Halloween surprise!

Video with a bubbling pot

A bubbling pot isn’t quite the same without some gurgling and bubbling, and this invite does exactly that. Click the video to play it.

Costume party invitation

A costume party is all about mystique and intrigue. Who is behind those ghoulish masks? This air of a facade can be replicated in your invitation. Here are templates you can use to convey the mood, while standing out on everyone’s newsfeed. 

Soundtrack: Blood curding scream (with reverb). Customize here.
Soundtrack: The Ballroom Waltz of Horror. Customize here.

A spooky menu 

Want to show off your party’s Halloween menu? A compact square menu with the right amount of skulls and blood will do just the trick. Added is Halloween carnival music to compliment the video. Find more carnival posters here.

Soundtrack: Dead Carnival. Customize here.

A frightful movie invitation

A horror movie night is a great way to get friends and colleagues together for Halloween. A fun little graphic with a frightening soundtrack can convey your message better then any text message, plus this works great with emails! 

Soundtrack: Male middle age ghostly laugh. Customize here.
Soundtrack: Dark ominous movie theme. Customize here.

Essentials about using audio

Keep in mind that audio can be added to both images and videos. Adding audio to an image will change the file type from image to video, so the audio track can play. A static image with audio files will cost 14.95 USD as it is a video file, in mp4 format.

Still unsure where to start? Read our guide to using audio on PosterMyWall.