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How to host a killer Halloween movie night

Want to get your spook on in style this Halloween? Follow these 5 fa-boo-lous tips to throw the scary movie night of the season.

It’s officially Halloween season, and we all know what that means. It’s time to break out those cinema classics and stay in for a night of frights. 

This year, why not add a fun twist to your frightful night in and turn it into an all out Halloween movie night? Invite your friends and family over to sit back and relax as you enjoy those Halloween favorites together. 

There are quite a few supplies you’ll need to make your scary movie night a hit, but we have you covered. Here’s a fun-filled guide to help you plan out and host your very own Halloween movie party without any extra efforts or expenses. 

Pick the right flick

First things first; pick the perfect movie. This sounds easy, but it needs more thought than you think. There are a ton of classic Halloween movies out there that you might love, but will your guests feel the same way about them? Are they age appropriate for everyone who will be there?

Are they fun enough to watch as a group activity?

One great way to get past these questions is to set a theme for your movie night. Come up with a popular and fun theme and choose the best movies that go with it. Your theme can be fantasy based, gore-based, or you can even incorporate some scary comedies into the mix. This will not only set the stage for what kind of entertainment you’ll have, but will also give you a good idea of how to set up the place. 

Here are some fun themes you can look to for inspiration for your movie night.

  1. Scary movie marathon
  2. Pirates and mermaids
  3. Kings and knights
  4. Vampire watch list
  5. Ghouls and ghosts
  6. Serial killer night

Set the scene

Now that you have your theme decided, you can use it to decorate your party area. And you don’t have to break the bank to do it. Break out those DIY tools and spice up your living room for the best movie night decor your guests have ever seen. 

Attach some cardboard cutouts of pumpkins and witch hats to a string of fairy lights and hang them around the room for an eerie night time glow. Turn off the rest of the lights for that dark, cozy vibe. 

Push away the couches and other furniture toward the walls and spread out some cushions and blankets on the floor. Add some extra throw pillows for your spooked out guests to hide behind. 

Set up a projector and aim it at a plain white wall or sheet to really give off that movie theatre vibe. 

Bring out the spooky snack supply

What’s movie night without a bunch of fun snacks to munch on? And nothing makes snacks more exciting than a good old holiday theme. 

Set up a Halloween themed menu for the night and have some fun with your recipe names. A platter of deviled eggs, ghostly jalapeno poppers, and monster wraps would be great as a main course for the night. Add some dessert options with chocolate dipped ghost pretzels, ghostly marshmallow dip, and some dead velvet cake pops. Wash down the snacks with a traditional Bloody Mary and a witch’s potion punch with a fun twist. 

Another fun idea is to add some menu items inspired by the movies you’ve planned for the night. If you’re having a wizards and witches marathon, some Harry Potter inspired chocolate frogs and jelly beans would be a great addition to your snack list. 

Set up a popcorn station in the corner of the room and add some fun mixins to spice things up a bit. Add a salsa bar with a variation of dips and snacks for some fun finger food options. Stack up some Halloween-themed paper plates and cups at one end and allow guests to serve themselves. 

Plan a fun game to play during the movie

Add an interactive twist to your movie night by planning out a game to play while you enjoy your flicks. 

There are a couple of ways you can go about this. Turn it into an adult drinking game. Every time someone screams during the movie, they have to down a drink. Or keep it family friendly by making each guest who gets scared perform a fun dare. 

This will not only keep everyone laughing throughout the night, but will also be the spooky twist to your movie night that no one forgets.

Send out scary vibes through custom invites

You’ve planned out your entire movie night perfectly. But does that really matter if no one shows up? The most important step of party planning is reaching out to the guests. 

PosterMyWall’s range of customizable Halloween movie night invitations allow you to design your own Halloween graphics with ease. Go to PosterMyWall and select the design template you want to use. Then hop onto the editor to add your own personal touches. 

Make sure your theme is clearly stated on the invite. Add some spooky touches to your design with custom Halloween stickers and animations. Mention the date, time, and venue clearly. And your invitation will be ready to go. 

Save yourself the trouble of sending out invites separately by using PosterMyWall’s email campaign and sending out optimally designed invite emails to your guest list. With these vibrant graphics on display, your guests are sure to be excited to attend. 

Ready for a night of fright?

The Halloween season is one of the most exciting times of the year. Not only does it add a fun, spooky vibe to the atmosphere, it also gives you the excuse to have a bunch of fun parties. And what better way to greet the scary season than through a cozy movie night?

So pull out those blankets and pillows, set up your popcorn maker, and dust off those old classic DVDs. With these simple tips, you can give your guests a night of horror they’ll never forget. 

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