6 fantastic themes for your Halloween posters

Create the perfect poster, flyer, or social media graphic for your Halloween party. Customize one of our templates and you’ll be done in minutes!

Halloween is right around the corner, and think ahead to be ahead of the game. Posters, flyers and pamphlets can contribute a big part in making your dream party a success. The design you choose to incorporate in your poster also speaks about the event your audience should expect. So you have to pull all the stops to keep its presentation top notch. 

But don’t worry, we have some cool design templates and tips you can use to design a poster/flyer that will bring you results on Halloween. And best of all, you can customize any custom poster and flyer in this article for your Halloween party. Simply click any design to open it in the editor.

“The haunted house on a Hill” look

A haunted house with the moon overhead fits perfectly for your Halloween poster. The best part of this poster is that, a glimpse is enough for the audience to know that it’s a Halloween poster, without even looking at the text. You can apply a variety of colors in the background and they all look great. 

Spooky typography

Getting creative with text and a matching background will also produce great looking results. You can use a number of ways to go about this, as PosterMyWall offers a huge variety of fonts, including dedicated Halloween fonts to choose from. The zombie party poster is suitable for a halloween party catering for teenagers, while the other poster is better suited to a party hosted by working adults.

Vintage Halloween posters 

As a true artisan will tell you, vintage posters are all about textures. It’s no different with the above posters. While vintage Halloween posters are not commonly used, they add an aesthetic that’s hard to ignore, and makes your flyer/ad stand out above the noise. 

Set a playful tone with clipart

If you’re designing halloween posters for a children’s party, using clipart and colorful illustration will be a great aid to creating a good design. Check out the templates, selected to highlight the strength of clipart front and center. The layouts are perfect for creating invitations for a children’s Halloween party.

Use bright colors

Bright colors and Halloween seem like an oxymoron, but that is actually not the case! Halloween is normally associated with dark, gritty and pallid colorscapes, and the only reason bright colors are not used is because no one has tried them out yet. Check out the templates above, creating a perfect fusion of Halloween’s symbolism and vibrant colors. It’s a marketing miracle!

Shades of grey

If you don’t want to bother with color, and want to create something snappy in no time, black and white flyers are your best bet. They are easy to design, easy to customize and you need only black ink to get them printed.  

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