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Create and run beautiful digital signage with NoviSign

Check out PosterMyWall’s new integration with NoviSign. In this video, Chad Bogan, Director of Sales and Marketing at NoviSign, demonstrates how easy it is to create and run beautiful motion graphics, animated menu boards, business advertisements, and more.

PosterMyWall live class: Create and run beautiful digital signage with NoviSign

In this week’s live class by PosterMyWall, Chad Bogan, director of sales and marketing at NoviSign, joined us for a quick lesson on how to painlessly import PosterMyWall content and videos into the NoviSign digital signage platform. You can watch the above replay, view the presentation and bonus content, or read on for our summary.

PosterMyWall offers fast, effortless, and affordable ways to create digital signage content. We have the tools and templates you need to create branded digital imaging in-house.

Novisign is PosterMyWall’s newest digital signage partner. Celebrating its 10th anniversary, NoviSign supports systems ranging from 2 to 500 screens and currently serves a customer base of over 50,000 screens worldwide. 

Through our newest integration, you can now access PosterMyWall’s design and video builder tools from within the NoviSign platform to create dynamic digital displays. 

Create and play digital content in minutes with the Novisign PosterMyWall integration

Chad demonstrated how fast and easy it is to create video content with PosterMyWall–without leaving the NoviSign platform. This means that If you have a good computer screen, or even a large-screen television, you can create, display, and update your own amazing digital messaging. 

To create and import a design through PosterMyWall from inside the NoviSign platform, all you have to do is click the “Create a design” option, then select the import button from the bar on the right hand side of the dashboard. You’ll see a variety of options, including the PosterMyWall logo. Clicking on the logo opens the PosterMyWall editor, where you can create your custom video for business content. 

Saving your design will take you back to the Novisign editor where you can place and size your video. Add your video to a playlist, then add a time to indicate how long you want the video to play. Schedule what times and days you want the playlist to run on your screen.  And that’s it, your content is ready to play.

9 ideas for digital signage content

Many companies considering digital signage face the same quandary. Will we be able to create enough content? The resounding answer is yes!–it just takes a little creative thinking. Here are 9 types of digital signage content to consider:

1. Menus and price lists

Use digital signage to bring your menu or price list to life. Whether you are a nail salon or an auto repair shop, digital signage is a great way to punctuate your message with graphics and video. If you are a restaurant, using video templates that showcase action shots of your food is a fantastic way to grab a customer’s attention. After all, who wouldn’t want to look at a bright, vibrant menu that displays mouthwatering videos of their favorite meal?

 Even if you’re not a restaurant, you can add a fun twist to your menu by using PosterMyWall’s new slideshow tool to create a carousel of changing text, images, and videos within your design. 

2. Specials and promotions

Digital signage is a great way to highlight your seasonal sales and daily specials. With the NoviSign digital signage platform you can schedule specific content to run at a specific time of day. For instance, you can run your breakfast specials from 7:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. 

3. Upsell your products

Showcasing new or higher-margin products via digital display ensures that your customers get your message. If you do it correctly, you’ll make your product look so good on screen that customers will find it impossible to say no to. 

4. Create ambiance

Action shots or videos are a great way to create ambiance and reinforce your brand image. Picture the rustling of gold and orange leaves on an autumn seasonal reel. Or a pan of the city skyline at a hip club. The right digital sign will set the tone for how you want your business to be perceived. 

5. Promote events

Increase attendance at  your events by adding promotional videos to your digital signage playlist. This could be concerts or performances at your location, or community events like the local elementary school’s bake sale. In addition to the basics (event names, dates, and times) build excitement by including photos, logos, and video clips. 

6. Support local organizations 

Share the love by drawing attention to the local organizations you support. From youth sports to the local food bank, your digital signage can increase these groups visibility and demonstrate that your business cares. You can also run video content to promote fundraisers, charity events, and much more. 

7. Share schedules

Tell everyone what’s happening and when it’s happening through digital signage. This works if you’re a school that wants to display the dates and time of the annual school play, a sports team that wants to share its upcoming game schedule, or a local business that wants to promote community events. 

This way, you’re not only ensuring that people see the schedule and note down important dates, you’re also helping promote your match or show. 

8. Run trivia challenges

No one likes to wait — so why not use your digital display to keep customers occupied with a fun trivia challenge? It’s easy to create an animated template that asks the question, and several seconds later, reveals the answer.

Bar and restaurant customers can play while they wait for their table or for their orders to arrive. Patients in your medical office can play while they’re waiting for their turn in the exam room. Auto service customers can play while you tune-up their car. 

Another version of this is to add an MC to host, and turn your digital display into an interactive game night. Reward the customer or team who gets the most correct answers with a gift certificate or free item on their next visit.  

9. Recognize customers and employees

Honor your customers and employees by featuring them in your digital signage playlist. Create a video to recognize your employee of the month. Add to your customers’ celebrations by making special content that wishes them a happy birthday or congratulates the graduating high school class. It’s a great way to make your customers and team members feel appreciated.

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