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Create an animated invitation for your Halloween party in no time!

Planning for Halloween? Find out how you can create your own animated party invitation in no time, with new tools and templates.

With Halloween right around the corner, you probably know how you’re celebrating it. The question is, how are you going to invite everybody? Getting flyers and posters printed are old news and with new ways to create and share animated content online, how about creating a spectacular, animated invitation of your own?

Creating animated content is super accessible now with some of our newest tools available in the PosterMyWall editor.  

Animating your Halloween invitations

You can use Intro Animations, to convert a plain flyer into an animated video invitation with just the click of a button. Just pick up a flyer you did for Halloween, add an Intro Animation, save and download. We’ve also added new templates with Intro Animations in case you’re looking for something more ready-made. Click the links below their respective templates below to start customizing right away. 

Customize this template here.

Light up your invitation with animated text

There’s more to text now than simply a string of words sitting in place. Your Halloween invitation can say a lot more in less space with Animated text. Similar to a slideshow, animated text will appear in sequence, based on the order and time you set for each slide. Unlike a slideshow though, you can change how the text transitions in a variety of fun ways, making your animated video look fresh.

Use Animations by clicking the ‘Text’ button in the editor, then select ‘Add Animation’. Use the right side bar to add your text content on slides and set the visibility time for each slide. To learn more about Animations, start here.

Let image and video animations capture the Halloween spirit

Now you can make your digital posters pop with image and video animations. Not only do animations make your design more dynamic and visually appealing, but they also allow you to display a lot more content in less space. 

Start by clicking on the ‘Add Animation’ button that appears in the dropdown menu of the ‘Text’, ‘Photo’ or ‘Media’ options on the left. Choose ‘Photo’ before finding the “Add Animation” button if you want your first slide to be a photo. Choose ‘Media’ if you want your first slide to be a video.

Once you’ve made your choice, you can add photos or videos from your computer, Facebook, Google Drive, or Dropbox. You can also choose from a range of stock graphics.

Once you’ve added your photo or video, use the editor on the right to make adjustments to it. Right below the ‘Animation’ header in the editor, you will see a bunch of options to add text, photo, or video slides. 

Let’s say you added a photo, and then a video. As you can see in the screenshot above, your photo will show for 3 seconds, and then the video will play for 9.6 seconds. You can change the time to suit your preferences. 

Below these options, you’ll see multiple transition options and the speed at which the transitions occur. You can also choose whether or not to have an intro and outro transition. 

You can further edit your individual slides like normal photos and videos. All editing options for text, photo, and video slides will be available for use. 

You can also standardize your photo or video formatting by formatting one slide, and then clicking on “Apply” under “Effects” when prompted.

Customize this template here.

Add sound for a haunting final touch

Halloween is all about the dark and the ghoulish, and while imagery can only take you so far with your invitation, add sound effects or haunting music to really set the mood for your Halloween party (click any of the templates below to play with sound). Click the links below each template to customize them with your details.

Customize video template here.
Customize video template here.

Here are some of the many ways you can create a fun, animated invitation to send out to your friends, family and colleagues. Haven’t found something that fits your style yet? Browse our Halloween invitation gallery for a dose of inspiration, and while you’re at it, you are sure to find some interesting gems in the party invitation gallery as well. Happy designing!