Feature Focus

Remove image backgrounds in one click

Isolating images from backgrounds can be tricky work. Now with Remove Background, all it takes is one click.

Note: Remove Background is part of the PosterMyWall Premium subscription plans.

One of the hardest parts of designing is removing backgrounds around an image you’d like to isolate. Masking a portrait image, a car photo or any other complex shape takes time and effort and there’s always the chance of error. 

That’s all in the past now. With the new Remove Background option, you can magically remove the background behind your image, leaving behind your portrait shot or car photo. 

How do I remove image backgrounds?  

As is the case with all design endeavors, first, open a design saved in your My Stuff or create one from scratch. In the editor page, select an image for background removal. On the right-side bar, click the Remove Background button.

Screenshot 2020-09-23 at 2.44.21 PM.png

This will remove your image’s background. Click Remove Background again to undo this. Background removal isn’t instant and it may take upto 5 seconds for the effect to set in. 

You get 30 FREE Remove Background uses at the start of every month on your subscription. You can also buy additional Remove Background uses with Credits.

Coupling remove background with other effects

Remove Background and Masking are a natural fit. Use Remove Background to remove the image background and Masking to fine tune changes and remove additional items left by Remove Background. You can also couple Cropping with both Masking and Remove Background. 

And that’s all there is to removing a background.

Did you just get a new design idea? Well what are you waiting for!