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Add some Christmas cheer to your restaurant menu in 4 steps

Revamp your Christmas menu this holiday season in just 4 simple steps.

For many people, the Christmas season means stockings, ugly sweaters, and lots of hot cocoa. For a restaurant owner, however, Christmas is much more than that. The holiday season means you get the opportunity to add some Christmas cheer to your seasonal menu. 

Customers love a good holiday-themed menu. From Starbucks’ much awaited Pumpkin Spiced Latte every fall to Mcdonalds’ Christmas themed McFlurrys, we all love the exciting new options every restaurant introduces as the festive season rolls about. 

So why not hop on the bandwagon and give your customers a surprise they’ll never forget? Vamp up your menu for the Christmas season to celebrate the joyous occasion the right way.

Here’s how you can add some holiday cheer to your seasonal menu and raise your sales this Christmas. 

Switch out your traditional look for a more Christmassy one

The first thing you need to do is deck out your restaurant for Christmas. This means adding some extra holiday decor to your interior. A Christmas tree in the corner, some fairy lights hanging wall to wall, or maybe some fake snowflakes dangling from the ceiling. 

While you decorate your restaurant for Christmas, also consider changing up your traditional menu card for something with a bit more Christmas cheer. You can find a wide variety of Christmas menu templates through online tools like PosterMyWall that you can customize to fit your needs. 

Find a festive template that matches your holiday theme to start your Christmas promotions off right. 

View template here.

Personalize your menu with some festive fonts

Once you’ve found the right template, add your own personal touches to make it unique. One great way to do this is by adding some fun holiday-style fonts to your menu card to emphasize upon the joyous vibe of your design. 

Make use of multiple Christmas themed fonts to add some variety to your menu card, but avoid overcrowding or straying too far away from your own brand image. You can start off by mentioning the words “Christmas Specials” in a larger, bolder, winter snowflake themed font. Make use of a smaller type for your menu options and details.

Adding in a variety of fun fonts will add to the overall festive vibe of your restaurant. 

Add a hint of Christmas to your menu items 

You might have a menu template ready to go, but you can’t just leave it empty. Take advantage of the seasonal excitement and add in some fun, hearty holiday food items to your menu. 

Every customer loves a good themed dinner, and Christmas is the perfect time for you to throw in some fun surprises for your guests. You can do this in two ways. Your first option is to take your usual holiday best-sellers and promote them by giving them some fun, festive names. Turn your cream of broccoli soup option into the Grinch’s breakfast, or offer some milk-style frosting or dip with your signature cookies to serve your guests some of Santa’s midnight snack. 

Alternatively, you can add some all new Christmas options to your menu. Here are some fun ideas:

  1. Cheddar holly crackers with avocado dip
  2. Cable knit bread twists
  3. Cranberry brie bites
  4. Eggnog cocktails 

Throw in some fun illustrations for that holiday vibe

You’ve decided on food options. Great. But your Christmas menu still isn’t complete. To add the final touch, You need more than fancy text and the right colors to draw in more customers. To really capture the Christmas vibe this season, add in some holiday-themed images, videos, stickers, and illustrations. 

 Start off by adding a fun santa’s hat to your restaurant logo. Include other small touches like a dancing gingerbread man in one corner, some candy canes hanging off your menu header, or even some mistletoe at the top of your menu design. Add a gingerbread house as a backdrop for your menu to keep your customers excited for Christmas celebrations. 

Try out animated stickers and restaurant video templates to truly make your Christmas menus shine.

View template here.

Final thoughts

As a restaurant owner, Christmas is the ideal time for you to break out your creative (Santa’s) cap, and come up with fun ways to promote your special offers. Additionally, you can read these tips to promote your restaurant.

Add a hint of Christmas spirit to your menu with these four tips and have customers swarming in for that holiday vibe this festive season.