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5 ways to prep your health clinic for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Here’s some easy to use strategies to promote and prepare your clinic for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Free templates available.

With the beginning of October comes a need for much serious discussion on an issue that affects countless women worldwide: Breast Cancer. 

October is internationally recognized as Breast Cancer Awareness month, a time when you’ll see all relevant businesses, organizations, and clinics doing their most to spread information about this trying disease. 

As a health clinic, it is your primary duty to provide the right information, facts, statistics, and resources for all those who are struggling with Breast Cancer. If you’re unsure of how to begin, here are a few effective tips to help you play your part in promoting Breast Cancer awareness at your health clinic this October. 

Think pink

The first and easiest step you can take in your preparation for Breast Cancer Awareness month is to show your support through the color pink. As the official color for Breast Cancer Awareness, pink is often donned by all those who want to openly show support for the prevention and awareness of the disease. 

Adopt a pink theme for your clinic this October. Have your employees wear pink ribbons on their sleeves every day of the month. Place a bowl of complimentary ribbons at your front desk for your patients and clients. 

Add pink posters to your walls to add to the overall theme. Make sure your posters are relevant to Breast Cancer Awareness and are not too flashy. PosterMyWall provides great options for Breast Cancer Awareness posters that will match the pink vibe of your clinic without distracting from the main discussion. 

Educate and inform

While spreading awareness is important, it is even more integral to be properly educated on the topic of Breast Cancer and how it occurs. Educate your patients and clients about the disease, it’s symptoms, effects, methods of prevention, and common misconceptions. 

One great and easy way to do this is through informational flyers and pamphlets. Create your own informational flyers and place them at your front desk to give out to all clients and patients who come into your clinic. You can also have your flyers placed at local newsstands, coffee shops, and other businesses that you can partner with. 

Use a design tool like PosterMyWall to find the perfect Breast Cancer Awareness flyer template and hop onto the editor to customize it according to your requirements. Make sure the information you add onto it is reliable and easy to follow. 

Here are some of the basic things your informational flyer should address:

  1. Helpful information and statistics on Breast Cancer in the US.
  2. Reliable steps on how to conduct self-examinations and check symptoms. 
  3. Information on how to schedule a mammogram. 
  4. Your contact details and brand logo so people know who to reach out to. 

Offer free mammograms to those who can’t afford it

When providing information and advice on Breast Cancer prevention, it is important to consider those who do not have access to such facilities. Make sure your Breast Cancer Awareness campaign is inclusive of all deserving patients by partnering up with a local organization to provide free mammograms. 

Organizations like the National Breast Cancer Foundation will partner with you to provide free consultations and mammograms to underserved patients. Set up a diagnostic area in your clinic and reserve it for underserved women. 

Join hands with the charity you’ve partnered with to promote your initiative both offline and online. This will allow your clinic to gain more traction and give you a reputation as a clinic that cares about the wellbeing of all potential patients. 

Host an informative panel discussion

A great way to keep the ball rolling during Breast Cancer Awareness month is to start insightful discussions on the topic. People often have countless misconceptions and queries regarding the disease that they barely ever get the chance to bring up or inquire about. 

Start an interesting debate by holding a panel discussion of trained professionals and survivors at your clinic. You can specify the topic of the discussion to keep it relevant to the information you want to send out. Here are some ideas for discussion topics you can use:

  1. Breast Cancer: Common symptoms and diagnosis
  2. Tackling the misconceptions about Breast Cancer
  3. Self-examination: Myths vs. reality

Stay relevant on social media with a hashtag

If you’re promoting a certain movement, you can’t forget about social media. Maintain an active and engaging social media presence so that you can utilize it to your advantage during Pink October. 

Put up informative and engaging facts about Breast Cancer on your Instagram page and add in a relevant hashtag to reach your target audience. Customize your own pink-themed social media post templates and add them to your stories in between posts. Add relevant hashtags like #Pinktober for more traction. This will help you reach more people and add a modern, innovative touch to your Pink October promotions. 

Final thoughts

Breast cancer is a serious illness that affects many in their daily lives. As a health clinic, it is your duty to spread the word in any way you can. 

Use these simple marketing tips to play your part in spreading the word about Breast Cancer prevention this October, and help make a difference in the lives of survivors