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22 fun holiday templates (Plus quick tips for Christmas marketing!)

This blog post will help you to get started on your Christmas promotions and marketing efforts. Find all kinds of customizable templates.

Christmas is a special time for consumers and marketers alike. In this blog, we will showcase some of our newest templates for the holidays, and along the way provide primers to get the ball rolling for your Christmas promotions and marketing efforts.

We will touch upon multiple marketing niches so you can always scroll past to find the content that best matches your industry. We will remain laser focused to marketing for Christmas, and you will find many new PosterMyWall image and video templates in the course of this blog post.

If a template catches your eyes, just click and it will open in the PosterMyWall editor on a separate tab.

Starting out

Whether it’s a big sale, a charity event or a concert, PosterMyWall offers a wide range of custom Christmas templates to quickly start marketing, according to your niche. Just go to PosterMyWall, start typing in the search box and see the results roll in.

Before starting your marketing efforts for Christmas, you need to ask yourself these questions:

  • Who is my target audience?
  • Why should they be interested in my product?
  • What platforms should I target?
  • How do I measure my rate of success? (user clicks, ROI or reach)

Once you have the answers to these questions set, you can plan out your promotion efforts. Regardless of your audience, Facebook is relevant to most businesses, even in 2018, as 68% of adults in the US use it. No other social media website comes even close to this.

Other social media websites, such as Snapchat are more geared towards the younger generation and Pinterest remains more popular among women (41%) than men (16%).

We have established that social media is an integral tool in your marketing efforts, now we will discuss why visual content is necessary for manning a successful social marketing campaign. Then we will move on to different promotional methods, effective for specific business niches.

Creating content

Creating effective, actionable and relevant content is crucial in getting your message across. The message will vary, depending on your brand, and your goals. This could be an announcement for your next concert or show for Christmas, or a discount offer on your apparel or even a simple question for your audience, prepared using solid, and eye-catching visuals.

Your content creation should serve the following functions:

  • Give your audience timely knowledge about your events, products and promotions.
  • Form as a leeway to interact with them, in the form of giveaways, questions or even simple witty text based interactions (especially via Twitter).
  • Prompt your audience to come to your venue, whether it’s to attend an event, or try out your food, or enter a contest.
  • Beautify your social media (especially relevant to Instagram) by discovering a visual style, distinct to your brand and tie it with all promotional content, whether it’s social media, email or offline flyers.

We recommend frequent posting on all social media networks, and while there’s no distinct formula to the number of times one needs to post, it stands to reason that posts should always remain relevant to your target audience’s interest. In the The Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Power Users by Guy Kawasaki, he recommends the following post frequency for “casual” marketers for different social media platforms:

PlatformPost Frequency
Linkedin (short-form)1

You can, of course go beyond this, but maintaining post quality becomes increasingly difficult.

A large quantity of posts in a short period may also be perceived as spam. According to the Sprout Social Index, 57% of social media users are annoyed by brands posting too frequently, and 41% will get irritated by irrelevant content, which can result in a large number of people unfollowing you.

It is therefore necessary to stay relevant to your niche, while maintaining post quality. This becomes all the more necessary for Christmas, when more patrons are looking out for reliable brands to cater to their needs. With these basics in mind, we’ll now look at some Christmas themed templates for different occasions, along with primers that can help you get the most out of promotions for the holiday.

The custom templates below can be easily customized with your content to share on social media. Customize and get the basic quality download for free.

Christmas concert

As an artist, you want to spend more time on your craft, but there’s only so much your band label can do for you, and at the end of the day, you need to take some of the band’s promotion efforts in your hands. Here’s what you can do:

Start with local

Spend some time contacting your local newspaper, radio stations (such as college ones) and people who are in the media industry, and interested in good music.

Use flyers, posters and couple this with social media posting and email blasts to spread the word out quickly.

Use the PosterMyWall flyer generator to quickly create high quality content for distribution.

Get featured on a playlist

Getting your Christmas track featured on a playlist is crucial. Whether it’s on Spotify, Deezer or Apple Music, a large chunk of listeners will find your music through these playlists.

Spend time and money on social media

Update your Facebook cover photo, and start running ads. Using Ads on Facebook allows you to laser focus your audience, making sure only people who are likely to get interested by your music will see the ad. It may appear expensive, but the results are well worth it.

Christmas party

Whether it’s a personal party, or you’re doing something special for your patrons for Christmas, using posters and flyers to promote your event locally can do wonders. Make sure to add all event details, a contact number or even an email address.

Add a hook

If you’re promoting your party as a bar manager, it’s a good idea to add a hook to the flyer. This can be in the form of special drinks for the holiday season, discount or even a pool party. Make sure you know your target audience well to gauge their interests. Then plan accordingly.

Christmas menu

As a restaurant, you can expect a greater influx at your venue, but only if customers like what they see, and in this case, you need to show off that you’re going all in for the holidays.

Add new menu items

Nothing gets customers more interested then new menu items on your list. Make sure to hire more chefs if needed and get something new that adds a Christmas luster to your menu. And why stop there? You can just as easily redo your menus by using one of our professionally designed templates, made especially for Christmas.

Special discounts

Christmas is all about having a lovely time with family and friends. You can incentivize this easily by introducing discounts or three course meals, or additional deals, and gift cards to make the customer’s journey a satisfied one.

Donate for the holidays

The holidays bring a great opportunity to develop your brand’s corporate social responsibility (CSR). Donating and partnering with charities is something that is bound to get noticed by customers and the media. It’s free publicity and helps create a great impression.

Christmas retail

If you work in retail, you can expect Black Friday to be a dealbreaker for you, provided you do it right. Christmas provides another great opportunity to flaunt your wares and get some good returns on promotions.

Limited products

A sure way to create interest amongst your audience is to have scarcity. Limited time and inventories make for a proactive customer. For example, if you offer a certain kind of wallet, with only fifty in stock, you can be sure more customers would be enthusiastic to get that over another wallet, with unlimited stocks.

Acquisition of limited items is interesting as its rarity makes it unique.

Free gift wrap

Customers like ease in their journey. Since Christmas is all about gifts, you can offer up free gift wrapping to make your store a one stop shop for their needs.  

Christmas Thanks Facebook Cover Template - Made with PosterMyWall.jpg
Christmas Facebook cover
Christmas Facebook cover

Tone down the music

Studies show that loud Christmas music may caused customers to become irritable and leave the store. Keep the volume low, or you could opt for classical Christmas music, as a calmer alternative.

Christmas raffles

PosterMyWall now offers raffle templates especially designed for Christmas in mind. Whether it’s for a charity event or a general giveaway, you will find the templates helpful for your promotions.

Use Poster Decals

Poster decals are a subtle and effective way to inform your audience about the raffle you’ve hosted at your event. Tape it to walls, tables, or even the roof, whichever works best for your venue.

Create a Facebook event

Create a Facebook Event to make your raffle viral. Whenever anyone shows interest in an event by clicking the Interested or Going buttons, their friends are also notified about the event. It’s an easy and free way to advertise about your event. Make sure to talk about the raffle on your Facebook page.

Printed place-mats

Place-mats are another easy, and subtle way to get your audience interested in your raffle. Table place-mats can feature a list of various prices offered at the raffle and a step by step guide to get registered.

Finishing up

Now you’re ready to get started with promotions of Christmas. If we missed out your business’s niche, don’t worry, we have many more Christmas themed poster, video and social media templates. The basics remain fairly similar, regardless of your business’ nature. You can start browsing at our Christmas retail category page.

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